The Oceanhorn [$7.99] Game of the Year update has been hyped for a while now – and we now know when the free update to Cornfox's action-RPG is coming: August 7th. As confirmed on Twitter by FDG Entertainment, we'll soon be fishing, and checking out what FDG is claiming to be up to four more hours of content on the new Island of Whispers. Check out the trailer for the new Game of the Year update for Oceanhorn, featuring commentary from videos featuring the game, and featuring glimpses of what the update will contain:

Of course, if anything else comes out about the update and its new content, we'll be sure to tell you. The original was very highly-regarded, and its production values are some of the best on mobile. Plus, it was one of the flagship MFi gamepad games. As such, there's plenty of reason to be excited about getting more Oceanhorn, especially with new levels. And fishing too. If you've missed our previous coverage of the game, here's a recap:

So yeah, get excited for next Thursday.

  • Loopzie

    Stupid question: I want to purchase this game, but I'm wondering if I should wait until the 7th or can I start playing and the update will not make me loose my progress... Thank you

    • mzinn

      I doubt the update would do that. It'll just update the file. Btw. You'll love the game. I bought it when it came out & was blown away. It's an awesome game & very well done. I'd say its #1 on my favorite list.

  • mzinn

    Wonder if you can jump right in on the new content or if you have to play through the original game first. I removed it from my iPad a long time ago after completing the game. Although I guess replaying the entire game again wouldn't be the worst thing as I've thought about doing that anyway because I LOVED this game!

  • Themostunclean

    One of the few iOS games I actually put the time in to beating. Looking forward to playing it all over again with the new content.

  • GaZ-OiD

    Quality game at a quality price! Love Zelda? your love this but to call this a rip off is to do the game an great injustice. This is as good as IOS gaming gets today...... GaZ

    • Inaba-kun

      Have you ever played a Zelda game? This may look like a Zelda clone, but it has none of the clever gameplay or dungeon design. Scratch away the surface and it's not Zelda at all, just a dull dungeon crawler.

      As for being as good as iOS gaming gets, I beg to differ. Try any of the CAVE shooters, or the Telltale games, or the Broken Sword series, or Final Fantasy Tactics, Heathstone, Republique, FTL, or Broken Age.

      • GaZ-OiD

        er, yes I have played Zelda games.
        You mention a lot of games and not one that comes close to OceanHorn buts it's all about opinions.

        My opinion is based on over thirty years of playing games and this is a deep, satisfying experience. I never said it was better than Zelda but if you like that type of game, you will like this..... GaZ

  • Inaba-kun

    Solid production values, and a lovely score, but the game was severely lacking. It just felt completely uninspired, and to be frank, desperately repetitive and dull to play. The lack of variety in the environments didn't help either.

    Purchase price aside (I'll gladly pay for quality) the difference between this and say, the recent Zelda outing "A Link Between Worlds" on the 3DS is simply gigantic. One is a truly great game full of fantastic dungeons and clever design, while the other is a completely uninspired knock off which is devoid of any originality or even solid game design.

    I hope the devs can go onto better things in future.

  • FunkDoctaSteve

    been holding out on getting this. but i think its about time.