The ‘Oceanhorn Game of the Year’ Update Finally Set for August 7th

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The Oceanhorn ($7.99) Game of the Year update has been hyped for a while now – and we now know when the free update to Cornfox’s action-RPG is coming: August 7th. As confirmed on Twitter by FDG Entertainment, we’ll soon be fishing, and checking out what FDG is claiming to be up to four more hours of content on the new Island of Whispers. Check out the trailer for the new Game of the Year update for Oceanhorn, featuring commentary from videos featuring the game, and featuring glimpses of what the update will contain:

Of course, if anything else comes out about the update and its new content, we’ll be sure to tell you. The original was very highly-regarded, and its production values are some of the best on mobile. Plus, it was one of the flagship MFi gamepad games. As such, there’s plenty of reason to be excited about getting more Oceanhorn, especially with new levels. And fishing too. If you’ve missed our previous coverage of the game, here’s a recap:

So yeah, get excited for next Thursday.

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