Last month, Sega announced Sonic Jump Fever, and subsequently soft-launched it in Canada. Well, good news, after a much shorter soft launch than Fates Forever [Free (HD)] the game releases worldwide on July 10th, this Thursday.

Sonic Jump Fever Launch 1 Sonic Jump Fever Launch 2

This is of course a free-to-play sequel to the original Sonic Jump [$2.99] , which was an adaptation of an earlier feature phone game of the same name, so this is at least an original affair. There's a greater focus on competing with friends by logging in to Facebook, using collected rings to buy upgrades and boosters for higher scores, with free spins and regular level theme rotations to encourage coming back again and again.

Certainly, it's still a bit bizarre that we have a jumping Sonic game. Sonic Dash [Free] wasn't the best endless runner ever, but it at least made sense because Sonic is known for running fast. And Sonic Jump Fever's soft launch version has Tails as the first playable character, which either makes no sense at all or all the sense in the world because Tails can fly. But hey, no one asked me to be in charge of the Sonic franchise.

Expect Sonic Jump Fever for free this Thursday, though it has soft-launched in Canada if you're that impatient.

  • Zaraf

    I thought this style of "endless runner" was done now. Really sick of these cash grabs.

    • DBrown519

      Yes same here man. I was hoping for more Marvel vs Capcom series games, but they won't renew the license. Also I wished EA would port FIFA Street to the iOS. I played it on the PS3, and I love it.

  • rewind

    Weird and not exciting. Sega should refocus on making a few good, fun games, instead of a bunch of small, terrible ones. They could make 10x as much money off of a game that people would actually enjoy.

  • Kane

    No! Let Taxman work on those horrific ports of Streets of Rage series, SEGA you've done a poor job of it.