‘OTTTD’ Over the Top Tower Defense Gets a Big Update Adding Endless Mode and More

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This past May, SMG Studio managed to do something with the release of OTTTD ($4.99) that few have managed before: they made me enjoy a tower defense game. For a genre that has been a staple of the iOS platform for years, there’s surprisingly few tower defense games that have resonated with me, but OTTTD was definitely among them. With its cheeky humor, sci-fi theme and high level of polish, OTTTD wasn’t just a great mobile tower defense game, it could easily shine on any platform you put it on.

While OTTTD has received several maintenance updates since its release, this week marks the first real content update for the game, and it’s a really, really good one. The biggest addition is 5 brand new endless levels, so if you’ve maxed out your units in the game and have breezed through the campaign many times over, now you can really test your mettle against endless opponents, complete with Game Center leaderboards for each level. In addition to the endless modes are 5 new campaign levels, more than 30 new enemy types, and brand new armor options for your heroes.

Another nice new feature is the Herocorp Tactical Field Guide, which is basically an in-game encyclopedia of all enemies, heroes and tower types. I absolutely love stuff like this where you get to keep track of the things you’ve come across in the game and also see tiny tidbits of backstory for each of those things. Rounding out this update is more new features like cloud saving, the ability to adjust the level of gore in the game, the option of resetting your heroes’ skill trees in order to upgrade them in a different direction, and many optimizations to ensure OTTTD performs smoothly.

If you’re curious to learn more about OTTTD, check out our full review or what folks are saying in our forums. If you’re like me and aren’t typically a big tower defense fan, you might be pleasantly surprised with how great OTTTD really is, especially after this latest update.

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