Remember Fates Forever [Free (HD)]? We first posted about it over a year ago, and it's been soft launched in a few territories forever… But now it's finally here on the US App Store. Fates Forever is a mobile MOBA by Hammer & Chisel, a new studio headed by one of the original creators of OpenFeint, Jason Citron.

The thread in our forums has been rolling strong since late last year, although it's mostly people wondering where the game is.


We're in the midst of the Wednesday night release onslaught, but we plan to spend some more time with the worldwide release of Fates Forever to see what (if anything) changed since the last time we checked out the soft launched version. Either way, if you've got an iPad, and are interested in MOBAs… It doesn't hurt to check this one out.

  • Bones00

    Uhhh...what's a MOBA again?

    • Nycteris

      Multiplayer online battle arena. Like League of Legends.

      • SophiaHollandrom

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      • jForsythe

        Go away.

      • NickyNichols

        Your sister was worth every penny

      • curtisrshideler

        Aren't mortgages usually repaid on houses or condos? The only apartments I've ever been in were rentals on a 6 or 12 month lease. So I don't think I buy your statement as fact.

      • Bones00

        Oh ok, thanks.

      • michellefgoss

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  • daniel5457

    You mention this but you won't even think about HOC...

  • Bool Zero

    I have to admit... I love RTS games and the like but I have yet to find one of these type of games that grabs me in the slightest.

    • daniel5457

      Try heroes of order and chaos.

      • Bool Zero

        Have it, tried it, didn't care for it... Thanks for the suggestion though! I think for me it's just the flow of matches and the like... That and the fact that I just don't care for overly competitive online games...

      • skoshu

        Competitive is the key word. I was a DotA junkie for a long time, and if you crave competitive, that's where it's at. That said, i'm tired of it. The vibe in such games can be sickening, and it tends to rub off on you.
        I'll probly check this one out for fun. Maybe it's a little more relaxed.

    • Amenbrother

      Well I just tried this for a little bit and its kind of boring.

      • Jason Citron

        Sorry to hear that... Try playing co-op with a friend!

    • Yutsud

      If you don't mind it being on PC, you may want to try Smite, as it's the most "different" MOBA I have ever had the joy to play.

  • Artur

    Been playing this game for a few months via Austrian appstore... very well suited for the Ipad. Characters are very varied and play very differently, all gesture based. Hope this game does well given its HUGE soft launch period.

    • Jason Citron

      Hey Artur - Jason here from the Fates team. Means a lot to us that you like our game so much. Thanks for the kind words!

      • Stormourner

        hi, mr. citron!! I'm truely proud of you =D I have waited long for a pure anthromorphic animal MOBA game and now I have the game forever

      • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

        This game is not only fun but it is just stunning to look at! You should be proud. Amazing game!

      • Jason Citron

        thanks Leydz!!

  • Skyfluks

    Yaaaaaaa FINALLY! Best MOBA on IOS imo

  • ScotDamn

    It's quite excellent.

  • nimu

    Have to try it out. Looks stunning!

  • Adrián Graña

    Out in the Spanish store too!

    • nadav bar kama

      ya lo se ... en todos modos gracias por el aviso.

      • Adrián Graña

        No te lo decía a ti directamente... Si no en general a todos! Pero de nada

  • TigerBoat

    How is match making? HOC was buggy forever and Solstice Arena is 10 minutes of trying to find a game.

    • nomstar

      In my experience so far it's just been a few minutes, on par with LoL. I couldn't stand HOC, but it seems like this one might hook me.

  • Ultima12

    This was unexpected! I've been dying to play this!! Awesome news. Between this, Monster Hunter, and Civ Rev, I'll be busy on my iPad this weekend!!

  • Rough-Rider

    I usually don't like MOBA's but I like this one a lot. The characters are interesting and the controls are very smooth. Good job devs!

  • mattg91

    This game is actually really fun be very well made. I was a little apprehensive about downloading/playing this at first due to other iOS MOBAs I have played in the past. But I was pleasantly surprised!

  • torosama

    I enjoyed this game a bit in alpha when there was like 5 people playing haha, but I couldn't stick with it since there was no one to play with, my biggest suggestion was to provide and option besides tapping the screen to move........ And it appears almost a year later you still didn't want to do that. While I no longer play heroes of order and chaos, I don't believe this will be filling that void. I do wish you the best of luck, just because I think think it would have been better with a control stick, it ultimately comes down to how you wanna implement your control scheme. Good luck !! You put a lot if polish and way more heroes than you had in alpha!

    • torosama

      Typing comments on a phone = fail....

  • Ultima12

    Hopefully this will hold me over until Vainglory!!

  • nomstar

    Great game--it's immediately obvious how much work the devs put in to polish this. If you're even a slight fan of MOBAs or curious to see what the hype is about, I'd recommend trying this out.

    The servers seem to be getting hammered right now, but that could just be me trying to play from Japan -_-

    • Jason Citron

      Our servers had some issues this morning but should be fixed now! Thanks for the kind words

  • Phenomen

    How is F2P in this game? Any pay2win elements or just unlocks / skins like LoL?

    • daniel5457

      No skins yet. The only iap atm is for the heroes.

  • Ultima12

    What I've played so far is awesome!!!

  • Cale Lares

    Great! I'm loving it. Awesome work by Hammer and Chisel. Would love to see it running smoother on the iPad mini 1 🙂