Back in February, Red Winter Software released Dungelot 2 [Free], the highly-anticipated follow-up to last year's well-recieved Minesweeper-meets-dungeon-crawler Dungelot. Well, the Dungelot 2 release did not go so well, and that's putting it lightly. The new game had a lot of strange bugs, wasn't balanced very well, and in general garnered quite a lot of negative feedback in our forums.

Now, that type of scenario isn't uncommon on the App Store, and generally a developer will go into overdrive tweaking the game and releasing an update as quickly as possible that fixes the stuff that's wrong, and just cross their fingers that the initial negative reaction doesn't impact the game long-term. Well, Red Winter felt so poorly about the state of Dungelot 2 that they actually pulled the game from sale just a couple days later, and have spent the last few months toiling away at a new version. And today, that updated version of Dungelot 2 is finally available. Huzzah!

Now, this updated Dungelot 2 is a pretty massive overhaul, and you can check out this post from the developer in our forums for a breakdown of what's changed. Also, just as an FYI, if you were one of those who were able to download Dungelot 2 the first time around and bought the "Golden Ham" IAP which essentially turned off most of the freemium-ness of the game, you should be able to restore that IAP in this new version, as it's not a consumable item. If you missed it when it was released back in February, definitely give this latest version of Dungelot 2 a download and check it out for yourself. It's free after all, and be sure to leave your thoughts in the discussion thread in our forums.

  • RinoaHeartily

    Good job guys!!!

  • daftman

    Cool. Nice to see the dev going the extra mile. I really liked the first Dungelot, so I'll give this new version a try for sure.

  • RunningWild

    Glad to see this too. The first one was amazing. The second lacked a lot of polish and doing this took guts.

  • gmattergames

    Cheers, nice surprise!

  • gmattergames

    FYI - read though the help info and you'll, get a nice little reward. Easter egg? Perhaps, cool either way.

  • tonyunreal

    Now my coffee breaks are gonna be 30 minutes per, 8 times a day. Bye bye productivity! 😀

    Oh and thank you Pixeye and whoever works behind this game, you did a wonderful job.

  • BloodFidelity

    Glad to hear this is back on the App Store! This game is addicting.

  • nadav bar kama

    BRAVO! great attitude ... don't give up, especially when you have a winning concept! (downloading as i type ...)

  • Leydz Boomshaka-Irwin

    Whether it is better than the original or not, I want to shake Red Winters hand. Good for them!

  • GaZ-OiD

    It's great rectifying all the problems but here is a novel idea for all devs...
    Why not actually play test and eliminate bugs before you release games to the best of your ability? Some bugs in some games are so obvious and ridiculous that devs deserve all the negative comments. I'm a game player NOT an unpaid play tester


    • dancj

      You say that, but I played the original Dungelot 2 loads and never hit a single bug.

      • Diaboliq

        Same here, but it was so bad i had to stop playing

    • AmethystAlicia

      I can understand your frustration, but don't be too hard on the developer. He's human, and humans are flawed and make mistakes. The important thing is that the dev apologized, asked for our feedback, and fixed it.

  • korkidog

    I still have the original Dungelot 2 on my iPod Touch 5g. Will it auto update to this version or do I need to delete it and download again?

    • dancj

      It'll auto-update

  • Boopero

    Not feeling the new version at all... Can only use spells on the level you find them. Still typos. Still full of monsters that say, "My precious!" Ugh...

    • dancj

      I don't mind having to use a spell on the level where I find it, but paying mana to use them pretty much means I never use them. You do get other spells that you can carry with you - but they work differently. I do miss the old ones which recharged over time.

  • EvilAbdy

    Seems pretty good so far from what I've played of the updated version. I'm just impressed they took all the feedback into consideration. I hope this is a success for them.

  • diegohostettler

    Dunno.. It's pretty dull. I preferred the original dungelot 2 to this. Pretty weirded only having defensive stats. Mana and spells is awkward and usualy it's not worth spending it on anything else than totems. Anyway was fun for like 5 min and it's free:)

    • dancj

      I'll give it more of a try, but not having an attack stat is strange.

  • sirbond

    Got this game as soon as I seen the post on Facebook and love the game