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Rubicon Announces ‘Great Little War Game 2’, a Streamlined, Single-Player Strategy Game for Mobile

glwg2Developer Rubicon are up to their old tricks again as they announced in our forums over the weekend that they’re working on a sequel to their hit 2011 turn-based strategy title Great Little War Game. Now, you might be asking, “Hey, didn’t they make Great Big War Game and wasn’t THAT a sequel?" The answer to that two-part question is yes, and sort-of. In 2012 Rubicon did release Great Big War Game, but it was more of a spin-off than a true sequel. Where Great Little War Game aimed to be a turn-based strategy game that was focused and easy to get into on mobile, Great Big War Game tried to blow all that out and be a little more “hardcore" with a massive campaign and full online multiplayer. The problem was, while hardcore strategy game fans appreciated all of that, the vast majority of players never utilized features like online multiplayer.

So, in creating a true sequel to Great Little War Game, Rubicon has decided to laser-focus on some core tenets. There will be no multiplayer in Great Little War Game 2, just single-player missions, but there will be a whopping 60 of them. Also, in an effort to be even more conducive to mobile play, the game can now be played in portrait orientation, a move I personally love to pieces. Finally, and this is a biggie, Great Little War Game 2 will be a fully paid title with no IAP, no ads, and no extra monetization of any kind. Just three bucks and that’s that, mattress man. This means that all those people who hate free to play, and are always asking for pay-once games, it’s time to put your money where your mouth is. Or, to quote Rubicon directly, “All those people moaning about freemium promising to buy any games that ‘just work’? We’re calling you on it."

Great Little War Game 2 is currently in closed beta, which means it shouldn’t be too far off from release. Currently the only media released for it so far is the screenshot embedded in this post, which comes from Rubicon’s Facebook page. Be sure to keep tabs on the forum thread as I’m sure that once the game gets closer to completion Rubicon will be dropping all sorts of good information there.