‘Dungelot 2’ Hits the US App Store

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Oh hey, Card Wars – Adventure Time ($3.99) isn’t the only straggler to be released this evening, Dungelot 2 (Free) is also trailing behind the rest of this week’s releases with a Thursday night release. The original Dungelot ($0.99) was loved by our community, and the new free to play spin on Dungelot 2 has been hotly debated in our forums since it first was revealed that the game would come with a $0 price tag.

Well, I played it for over 45 minutes on stream, and didn’t have a problem with the IAP aside from it being kind of annoying that checkpoints require the premium currency. I guess you don’t really need checkpoints, but still.

The energy system (or ham, I guess) is completely removed with a single $3.99 IAP, but again, unless you plan on just powering through Dungelot 2, it probably won’t be a problem for you.

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