Last month during PAX East, Rock Band creators Harmonix announced a new rhythm-based runner for mobile that utilized your device's library of music to drive the gameplay. After a brief soft-launch period, Record Run [Free] is now available worldwide. Alongside the full launch a pretty substantial update is also now available for Record Run, featuring new obstacles to dodge and several tweaks to the scoring and bonus mechanics.


Harmonix are famous for making great rhythm games, so if you're interested to see how their latest mobile effort turned out, there's no reason not to download Record Run for free and check it out for yourself. You can also check out the thread in our forums where people have been leaving impressions ever since the soft-launch period late last month.

  • JoshW

    Been waiting for this one! Yes!

  • xzeldax3

    Awwww yeeeeeah can't wait to play this!

  • kevin8977

    It's fun but so far it seems I can only run to free songs. Are IAP's required if you want to play your own music?

    • henrycupcake

      nope , its free to import your own songs

  • henrycupcake

    Was just playing this game to Kylie Minogues' Into The Blue and it's quite exhilarating ! This game looks stunning and runs flawlessly on my iPad air . Very excited about this one

  • Himmat Singh

    What's the catch here? Why is it free?

  • nadav bar kama

    finally!!! endless progressive metal running! (bye bye gym).

  • MrFred89

    Dont get the buzz around this game...
    Production values arent that high and the gameplay itself is so forgettable... Just a really simple (boring really) runner that you can play with your songs in the background? Whats the innovation?
    Dont get it.

    • OrangeJews

      Did you at least play the game.

      • MrFred89

        Is that a question? If yes: of course I did. Played two songs from my library and the game was the same as every other runner out there... Didn't really change with the music either.

        Maybe there is a cool concept hidden in there somewhere but the game feels like nothing new. At least to me...


      • monsieurfreeze

        ...other runners doesn't have a disco-mode

  • Zazzy

    Totally agree normally get a buzz from playing harmonix games but nothing with this,shame as the concept is good