Rhythm-Based Runner ‘Record Run’ from Harmonix is Now Available

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Last month during PAX East, Rock Band creators Harmonix announced a new rhythm-based runner for mobile that utilized your device’s library of music to drive the gameplay. After a brief soft-launch period, Record Run (Free) is now available worldwide. Alongside the full launch a pretty substantial update is also now available for Record Run, featuring new obstacles to dodge and several tweaks to the scoring and bonus mechanics.


Harmonix are famous for making great rhythm games, so if you’re interested to see how their latest mobile effort turned out, there’s no reason not to download Record Run for free and check it out for yourself. You can also check out the thread in our forums where people have been leaving impressions ever since the soft-launch period late last month.

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    From the makers of ROCK BAND and DANCE CENTRAL…This is RECORD RUN! Record Run is a free rhythm-runner that puts you…
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