It feels like only yesterday that we brought you the news that Supercell's Clash of Clans follow-up Boom Beach [Free] would be releasing this Thursday. Oh wait, that was yesterday. And it feels like only this morning that we included Boom Beach in our roundup of what new games are hitting the App Store later tonight. Yep, that was this morning. Anyway, in that roundup post, Eli mentioned that "since Boom Beach is soft launched, chances are it'll appear at a really weird time whenever Supercell flips the global release switch." Well, he was right, as apparently they hit the Boom Beach release switch early and the game is available right now in the App Store.


While it is a free to play game, I've heard almost nothing but positive comments about Boom Beach. I tried several times to get into Clash of Clans to no avail, but I'm actually very interested to see if Boom Beach will be able to suck me in. If you've been waiting for Boom Beach, no need to wait any longer, head over to the App Store and grab it for free and check out our forums for more impressions and discussion.

  • baldeagle86

    Does it have an option to play in portrait mode? That would be the hook for me

    • ste86uk


  • RichRuzz

    Downloading now! Don't mind supporting a bit if it's a good/fun time waster.

  • speedyph


    • Derprozess

      They are good at free-to-play, and all of their games can be played without spending a dime. From a lvl 74 hay day player 😛

      • toofinedog

        Ah, Hay Day. Turned from a farming game to an import/export business I liked to call "Load My Boat".

    • ZorakZoran

      Ok, calm down. I just tried it, same old shit. People never get bored with these "games" ?
      No skill required, just patience, or money. Can't wait till people realize how crappy all these games are... If you don't know what to do with yourself, grab a book instead of this poor time waisting machine.
      And candy crush is worth billions for Christ sake, a match three, and a bad one... I'll go back to duet or super hexagon, thank you.

  • bigjack66

    Been there done that a dozen times already!

  • spsummer

    Looks pretty good, does anyone know if it requires an internet connection to play? I hate that...

    • the_rebel14

      Clash of Clans required it so I would guess that this will too. Can't have people playing games without being monitored! LOL
      If it's anything like Clash of Clans, it will require a constant connection.

    • ste86uk

      It needs internet as it's an online game vs other players

    • AstroSnail

      It probably requires since 1) the data is most likely stored in their servers 2) to prevent exploits including changing the system time

  • andylangers

    Not in the UK yet....

    • skeletonlord

      The UK will probably get it at midnight, as with all new game releases. A few more hours.

  • andylangers

    Ok found it now, just doesn't come up in search

  • C. Stubb

    iOS 7.0 required!? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

  • mrmoobz

    I found it fine on UK store.

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