Coming Tonight: ‘Boom Beach’, ‘Firework Apprentice’, ‘Sometimes You Die’ and More

It’s Wednesday again, and here’s the weekly onslaught of iOS games. Supercell’s Boom Beach is likely going to steal the show, at least when it comes to massive iTunes featuring when it launches tomorrow. I played it for quite a bit on stream yesterday and was actually really surprised by how much I like it. I sort of missed the boat on Clash of Clans, but Boom Beach’s Canadian soft launch has sucked me in.


Here’s what’s on our radar for tonight, and as always, it’s possible that more stuff could be released in the meantime and will appear in our normal 11:00 PM Eastern post. Also, since Boom Beach is soft launched, chances are it’ll appear at a really weird time whenever Supercell flips the global release switch.