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Ustwo’s Brain Twisting Puzzler ‘Monument Valley’ Coming April 3rd, New Behind the Scenes Video Released

Late last year, Whale Trail (Free) developer Ustwo unveiled their latest project, an Escher-esque puzzler called Monument Valley. The game features level designs that will twist your brain into knots, and the overall minimalist theme fit this type of game nicely. Earlier today, Ustwo announced over Twitter that Monument Valley will be arriving on iOS April 3rd for $3.99, with an Android version following a few weeks later. In addition, Ustwo has released a fantastic behind the scenes trailer on the making of Monument Valley that’s worth your time. It gave me goosebumps.

Ustwo has taken advantage of the eager members in our forums for beta testing purposes over the past few months, and the response to the beta has been overwhelmingly positive. Be sure to check out that forum for some of those impressions, or, if you’d rather come into the Monument Valley experience completely fresh feel free to skip it. Either way, it’s time to get excited as Monument Valley heads our direction and lands in the App Store April 3rd.