Id Software all but bowed out of the App Store world, and with John Carmack resigning to join Oculus Rift last year it seems pretty certain we won't be seeing the planned iOS ports of Doom II, Quake or any other Id classics which had previously been talked about. Especially seeing as Carmack appeared to be the main proponent of iOS development. (Though with the recent update of Doom Classic [$4.99], I'm still holding on to a tiny sliver of hope.)

Anyway, developer Ronny Stiftel, who previously released the clever Street View Adventures [$0.99], took the problem of no-Quake-on-iOS into his own hands and created Beben III [$0.99]. Basically, Beben III is an iOS-ified version of the ioquake3 engine, a project that took on updating, improving and maintaining the id Tech 3 source code which was released in 2005. Beben III has implemented virtual controls and the ability to download and run the games Open Arena, the shareware version of Quake III, and –most importantly– the full version of Quake III Arena.

The steps are pretty simple, and laid out in a tutorial on Stiftel's website Mac and i. For Open Arena, which is essentially a fan-made version of Quake III that's been going since 2005 and is actually very good, you simply tell the game to download the files to your device over the air and voila–you're playing yourself some Open Arena. The Quake III Shareware works exactly the same way. Both games feature single player against bots, and Open Arena apparently has online play, though I haven't sorted out how to get that working.


As for Quake III Arena, it works a bit different. Since it isn't a free game, you have to actually own the proper files and load them into the game yourself using iTunes File Sharing. It's an extremely simple process, and as I mentioned it's explained well on Mac and i. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the game myself to try it out, though I stupidly did buy it on Steam thinking that even though it's a Windows only game and I only own a Mac I'd at least be able to access the correct files. That is not the case though, so don't be dumb like me.

At any rate, just being able to play Quake III on my little phone is something that would have easily exploded my teenage mind had you told me this back in the day. The Beben III app actually works wonderfully, playing games fast and smooth on my iPhone 5s. The virtual controls are also great, though if you don't typically like touchscreen FPS controls then these aren't likely to change your mind or anything. Stiftel does note on his site that future plans for Beben III include Game Center, iCloud syncing for settings, improved network handling and iOS 7 Controller support.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, grab Beben III and give it a shot. Let us know how it works out for you in the comments below or in the game's forum thread.

  • cplr

    Download Wineskin for your Mac. Install Steam. Grab the files that way. Bing bang boom.

    • 61050

      buy a pc

      • rewind

        PCs are soooooo 2013......

        By the way, over 4 million Dell Laptops have recently exploded into flames. I'd call them Craptops.

      • REkzkaRZ

        Yes. It's important not only to give over to Apple your thousands of dollars for hardware, endless $ for music & apps downloads, but also we must worship them and brand ourselves with their stickers.
        Bah! People, don't love a soul-less corporation! If you knew what really happened behind closed corporate doors...!

      • Alex

        That doesn't make your hamburger taste any less delicious. Get off your high horse.

      • subshell001

        totally agree nobody should love a for-profit corporation of any kind. fanboys of all shapes and sizes are annoying (although android fanboys seem to be the most annoying and unrealistic...). but don't pretend you know what happens behind closed doors at Apple.

      • Multiboy2k

        Yes get ALL the way down on your knees when you are paying your tithes and homage. None of that one-knee, one-eye peeking open stuff around here!
        Apple is bringing you and yours AAA titles. Not that kids table stuff on the 3ds or some obscure game you never heard of for $40 on the Vita. You get to play X-Com, Baldurs Gate, StrikeTeam and a host of REAL games on your premium tablet.

        And, when your done with that, you can go back to balancing that spreadsheet, writing that novel, creating that song you're trying do.

        Now put your hood securely back over your head and act like you got some sense!

      • Ph0lly

        You can't really believe that, the only thing keeping iOS gaming going is dumb kids wasting money on freemium crap and people like you who thinks its an actual gaming platform.

      • subshell001

        Macs are PCs. wine runs windows binaries natively. or one can just use boot camp and boot into the dreaded windows.

      • PandionDan

        Actually Q3test was demo'd on Mac BEFORE it came out on PC.

        Thanks for playing!

    • dv8godd

      Quake 3 was available for Mac (and Linux too, I believe) at launch... no Wine or Windows necessary.

      • BaronKrause

        Yeah, Quake Wars has a Linux installer as well, unfortunately Steam doesn't have a Linux version for that either. Wish ID would put those versions up there.

  • SumoSplash


    • B3nlok

      Cooller vs Zero4 games...Those were the days.

    • Nick

      LAN parties at work with me screaming like a girl...

      I miss being able to play games damn it!

  • thebeat07

    No ios controller support yet ?? Come on..

    • B3nlok

      Then what? thumbsticks on a fast paced fps like this would be instant death. The only setup i see working out on mobile is a mix of touchscreen for aiming (infinite more precise than analog sticks) with physical shoulder buttons for jump,crouch, shoot....

      • subshell001

        so.... iOS controller support would be good then.

  • Th3R3n3gad3

    Any chance of this being pulled?

    • Wizard of Odyssey

      Nah, it's completely legit. And if you prefer your shooty action a bit older, like I do, download the app called Gameception. It uses DOOM levels, including zillions of homemade wad files.

      • Th3R3n3gad3

        Thanks! I also have gameception, its cool

  • MicroByte

    Not working on my iPhone 4S 🙁

    • Vira1969


      • MicroByte

        Tell me more.

        Seriously, what was the point again?

      • Th3R3n3gad3

        How about instead of insulting him, you help him solve his problem.

  • repapermunky

    This article is a little bit confusing; so many different titles being thrown around... Gonna have to read a couple more times. Definitely grabbing the app, though.


    Woo Hoo!!!

  • jForsythe

    So do you need a PC to download the game files to this app.

    • zergslayer69

      Yes, you need itunes to transfer the zip file over

  • zergslayer69

    Runs great but....why is the X axis reversed? Feels like I'm playing the gamecube version of wind waker all over again.

  • jForsythe

    I got the app and found out but at least I can play the shareware version DLing to iPad now and whatever quake arena is.
    One thing I noticed to shoot your gun you have to tap and slide your finger doesn't that make shooting slowish and a pain wouldn't a simple button to shoot be better.
    Thanks for the info btw.

    • jForsythe

      Oops I meant open arena not quake arena.

      • Wizard of Odyssey

        "whatever open arena is" <-- you know you have Google on whatever you used to type this, right?

  • ZarieoZ

    This demands TA plays ha. Hope you could do one today 🙂

  • mnemo70

    "Beben" is the German word for "quake", btw. 😉

  • Mike Chandler

    This is neat works like a dream.

  • meatz666

    Lol... Now iOS has more hardcore fps games than consoles... 😀

  • TimeDoctor (zjs)

    My team created and maintains the ioquake3 project and I am personally disappointed in projects like this that charge money for the work of the community.

    • 68kgamer

      First of all thank you for ioquake3. I discovered it a few weeks ago and it's truly awesome to be able to use my old copy of retail Quake on a modern OS.
      I'll admit I have no understanding of GPL v2, and with all due respect why are you disappointed? Isn't that kind of the point of open source? I'd understand if the developer was charging an arm and a leg, but since no one else has ported Quake to iOS, this fellow has taken it upon himself to adapt the code, integrate Game Center and iOS controller support for $0.99. That seems reasonable for his time and effort to me, but obviously you have a tremendous amount of time and energy invested in ioquake3 so I respect the fact that you could feel very differently.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Quake III on mobile is not a good idea. Even with a mouse and keyboard, the most intuitive control scheme there is for an FPS, it was a HARD game that demanded twitch reflexes, especially against human opponents. Doom was manageable on iOS because of its relatively slow pacing and the ability to save and load files any time you want, but Quake III is whole other ballgame.

    id has an official free version of Quake III called Quake Live which you can run on a 10 year old laptop. There's no reason anyone should be playing on on an iPhone.

    I'm as much a proponent of mobile gaming as the next guy on here, but let's face it, not every game should be ported to iOS.

    • 68kgamer

      I would have agreed with you if (A) iOS controller support was not a reality and (B) I was expecting tournament-style play on my mobile device.
      You're right of course about Quake being one of the most demanding games out there. But Quake Live is played in a browser for pete's sake. You don't object to Quake in a web browser but you can't understand why fragging on your phone could be fun and take off with these new mobile technologies?
      Furthermore, plug-in support for Quake Live was just canned. So that effectively ostracizes any Mac gamers out there from the Quake Live community.
      Why shouldn't fans of FPS shooters be absolutely thrilled that a real FPS is coming to the most popular platform out there? What you're essentially saying is that Quake 3 is a dead game, and as a diehard Quake fan I say the heck with that. Q3 has the potential to bury the lame F2P crap and bring some real legitimacy to mobile gaming.

  • tommet

    Can't move on my ipad mini. Loads fine can look around, shoot. But can't move.

  • Cheeseball

    Bluetooth keyboard support?

  • Draven2222

    GREAT GAME, one of the legends of gaming. Works well on iPad,iPhone.
    iPhone the prob is the controls, the screen is too small.and your finger get in the way..
    Game controller support would be awesome, I tried with my MOGA ace on this version but it doesn't support controllers yet. Thnx..eagerly awaiting controller support so i can "frag on the go".