‘Doom Classic’ and ‘Rage HD’ Both Return to the App Store with iOS 7 and Widescreen Support

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If you’ve been paying close attention you may have noticed that both Doom Classic ($4.99) and Rage HD ($1.99) were recently taken off of the App Store’s digital shelves. Both games had incompatibility problems with Apple’s iOS 7, and thus were taken down from sale, with gamers like me hopeful that they would be updated and return in the near future. Well good news as both titles have returned to the App Store this week with full iOS 7 compatibility as well as 4-inch widescreen support.

Now, Doom is one of my all-time favorites and I literally never get sick of playing through it over and over again. I’d silently held out hope ever since the iPhone 5 debuted last year that we’d get a widescreen update for it, but given Id Software’s decision to shut down their mobile development in order to focus completely on Doom 4, I figured it was something that would never come. It sucks that it took an iOS incompatibility to get the wheels in motions, but hey, I’m not complaining. At the risk of sounding greedy, I’d love to see the rest of Id’s mobile lineup updated, or at the very least Wolfenstein 3D Classic ($1.99). And hey, how about that iOS port of Quake we’ve been hearing about for years? Ah well, I’ll take what I can get.



At any rate, if you’d noticed that both Doom and Rage HD had gone missing, they’re now back and available to download. If you’ve somehow missed them completely up until now, well Doom is an absolute classic and the iOS port is excellent. Rage HD is a visually impressive rail shooter that still holds up against some of the more recent graphical showpieces on the platform, despite being 3 years old, and it’s also quite a good deal of fun for what it is. Be sure to check both of them out and cross your fingers with me that Id decides to dive back into mobile development someday.

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