It's yearly tradition now for EA to drop the price of all their games to 99¢ and totally dominate the iTunes charts during the holidays, but things are a little different this year. The rise of free to play and so many of EA"s games being 99¢ anyway has made this year's holiday bonanza feel… significantly less impressive than previous years.


Regardless, there's still some great games in here that are totally worth rounding out your collection with if you're missing anything:

…And you can find the rest of EA's games by heading over to the EA section of the App Store where now everything is now 99¢ or free. As mentioned, these are just the games that weren't already a buck, so, there you go.

Additionally, if you want to follow along with all the holiday sales, we've got an awesome thread going in our forums right now.

NOTE: These sales just went live this morning, so the Rube Goldberg machine that powers TouchArcade and the TouchArcade app doesn't show a lot of the accurate 99¢ pricing yet. Disregard whatever's being displayed until our database catches up with iTunes.

  • Mr. Grizzly

    Burnout Crash just dropped $4 to $.99.

    • dariusjr98

      That would be because it's an EA Published game...

      • Dr. Woodenstein

        I'm pretty sure he mentioned it because it isn't on the list, just saying. Still, it's the worst burnout game ever. Probably why it's not on the list.

  • B30

    So they will sell there free2play catalog for 99c now,

    • seinfeld95

      Ha! Good one. Seriously, though, after reading that you basically have no way around either grinding previous races or paying real-life cash (in Need For Speed Most Wanted) in order to progress, I've decided to give EA, and their moronic business practices, the middle finger. For NFS, at least. I'm still gonna buy NBA JAM and Tetris, though.

      • Opinion

        You managed to contradict yourself in 2 sentences or less.

      • Xissoric

        He's only boycotting the games he doesn't like, that'll teach them!

  • Kamizzy17

    It's bout time they decided to make is $0.99 for alll these high games.

  • Noam Rathaus

    Nothing to see move along...

    • mclifford82

      Why didn't you just follow your own advice?

      • dariusjr98

        I like you.

      • Noam Rathaus

        I did, but you replied to my comment :]

      • Xissoric

        No, you decided to drop into the comments section and leave a comment. I wouldn't say that's "moving along".

  • Jake7905

    A couple of years ago, when I first tried the App Store, I saw the annual $1 EA sale and thought, "Wow, what a deal!" After 2 years of IOS gaming experience, I see the annual $1 EA sale and think, "

  • thetragicclown

    It has been stated!

  • Xissoric

    Although I hate that a lot of EA's games are switching to FTP, I really don't understand the massive amount of hate they're receiving here. I think a lot of people don't even understand why they're hating on EA, and are only doing so to jump on the bandwagon.

    • Pfloydrokr21

      Pay $6 for Dead Space. Open the game and tell me what you shouldn't find in a paid app.

      • Xissoric

        Yep, the ads in their games are pretty bad, but once you're past the title screen it's a great game.

      • dancj

        Yeah. Even with ads, Dead Space is one of the best iOS games I've played.

        For anyone who hasn't got hem, Mirror's Edge and NFS:MW are great too.

      • Taclys

        Those games were released shortly before EA decided to get really, really ugly.

      • Johnny101

        Agreed. Dead Space is easily one of the best games on iOS.

  • Earth Vs. Me

    Sweet, I've been wanting to snatch up all the Need for Speed games.

  • GamerGuy

    EA's famous "We didn't forget you cheapskates!" Sale! Next...

    • fleshman

      So you tell me there are idiots who pay their poor "games" a full price? Poor fellas

      • GamerGuy

        Just cheapskates who wait for sales like this before they buy. Cost alot to develop games....don't be cheap! Buy full price.

      • REkzkaRZ

        If the company has an annual $1 sale, anyone 'in the know' is not being cheap waiting for the sale.

        In fact, it probably is a better promotion of their brand for gamers than advertising -- particularly since (as you can read here) the company has a bad mobile gaming rep.

        Your comment is weak-sauce. I question if you REALLY are a 'gamer guy' and not just an unhappy dev...?

      • GamerGuy

        You can't say "in fact" then follow it with
        'probably" but I get your point. I think you missed mine. 🙂

      • REkzkaRZ

        Nah, I got yours.

  • Tanc24

    Stupid question of the day: FIFA 14 is technically "free", but can you now unlock the full game for $.99 with this current sale???

    • grgg

      Looks like it's still $4.99.

  • Morgan01

    You mean all these games haven't gone Freemium so they can stick it to you?

  • Taclys

    Oh sweet! I love sales! I'll definitely pick up--wait no, this is EA.

  • rewind

    Notice that all of these games are over a year old. EA hasn't made a paid game over the past year. Wow.

  • OutSpoken

    I really wish EA would update NBA JAM HD with online multiplayer, its the kind of game that would benefit hugely from it.