EA Gets the Holiday Party Stated with Massive 99¢ Sale

It’s yearly tradition now for EA to drop the price of all their games to 99¢ and totally dominate the iTunes charts during the holidays, but things are a little different this year. The rise of free to play and so many of EA"s games being 99¢ anyway has made this year’s holiday bonanza feel… significantly less impressive than previous years.


Regardless, there’s still some great games in here that are totally worth rounding out your collection with if you’re missing anything:

…And you can find the rest of EA’s games by heading over to the EA section of the App Store where now everything is now 99¢ or free. As mentioned, these are just the games that weren’t already a buck, so, there you go.

Additionally, if you want to follow along with all the holiday sales, we’ve got an awesome thread going in our forums right now.

NOTE: These sales just went live this morning, so the Rube Goldberg machine that powers TouchArcade and the TouchArcade app doesn’t show a lot of the accurate 99¢ pricing yet. Disregard whatever’s being displayed until our database catches up with iTunes.