apple-round.AppIcon_ski-safari_1024x1024_v1Last month we learned that Ski Safari [$0.99] creators Defiant Development were teaming up with the folks at Cartoon Network to create a Ski Safari spinoff around the popular and awesome animated show Adventure Time. Seeing as Ski Safari is easily one of our all-time favorite iOS games, and that Adventure Time is one of our all-time favorite shows, this seemed like a match made in heaven.

Today, word has come that Ski Safari Adventure Time (apparently we had it backwards calling it Adventure Time Ski Safari) is set to launch this Thursday, and in all likelihood that should mean it will actually be available here in the US Wednesday night at 11pm EST, unless they decide to skirt the typical release schedule and "flip the release switch" themselves at some point. Either way, it'll be Adventure Time and Ski Safari in holy matrimony in the very near future. Here are a few new screens showing off some of the antics you'll experience in Ski Safari Adventure Time.


AT_SKI_iPhone-1 AT_SKI_iPhone-2

There are a few other details divulged about Ski Safari Adventure Time prior to release, too. There will be three different environments initially, including Ice Kingdom, Candy Kingdom, and Mystery Mountains. There will be costumes to dress Finn up in, like a ninja, pajamas, Prince Hotbod and more. Oh, and seeing as one of the hallmark cool features of Ski Safari is all the crazy characters you can hitch a ride on/with, expect to be hooking up with Jake (of course), LSP, Marceline, Princess Bubblegum, Lady Rainicorn, Ice King, Gunter, and others during your skiing excursions. Also as expected, a shop will offer a variety of power-ups, upgrades, and different vehicles to use.

I'm incredibly excited to get my hands on Ski Safari Adventure Time, and if you are too then keep an eye out for this week's new releases as it gets ready to land in the App Store.

  • ColeDaddy

    I'm not into Adventure Time, but I'll probably buy it because it's a reskinned SS hopefully with some satisfying tweaks.

  • dylanmannen

    Maaan, if they dont reales this in Sweden, i will cry. PLS I BEG YOU GUYS, WE LOVE ADVENTURE TIME IN SWEDEN TOO :<

  • oooooomonkey

    I love adventure time! 🙂

    • dariusjr98

      So do I, it's one of the few good cartoons left on TV. It has a couple of lame episodes though, and I personally like Regular Show more.

    • Rothgarr

      me, too!

  • William Lee

    Here's hoping this gets a UK release...

  • PinkUnicorn

    What's Adventure Time? I'm old...
    But I LOVED Ski Safari. Instant buy.

    • William Lee

      I am also old (43) but I love this show - far more inventive than the usual animated adverts for badly made merchandise that I grew up with.

  • christopherrocs

    Screw adventure time, more ski safari content or ski safari 2. *sighs* not even gonna download this...

  • Xissoric

    Yeah, sucks to say but I'm not really interested in picking this game up. I really enjoyed ski safari, but the adventure time skin makes it seem (no offense to any fans of the show) pretty childish, and ruins the appeal of the game for me.

    • Lazer Kat

      So you're saying SS wasn't "childish"?
      Did you play the game?

      It's one of my absolute favorites on iOS, but its a casual game with casual graphics about a little boy doing endless flips on skis and riding a bed/snowmobile/eagle/etc, with crazy animals tagging along.

      If anything, adventure time probably matures the game a bit.

      Insta-Buy for me

      • Xissoric

        I see what you're saying, but I guess what I mean is this adventure time skin is more obviously childish. For example if I wanted to play this game in public, people may look at me more strangely if I'm playing this game than if I were to play the original ski safari.

  • timmis6010

    My niece watches this sometimes and although the writing can get obnoxious (for me at least), especially some of the music, I like the background art and character designs quite a bit and will check this out for that reason.

  • Ramaz1234

    Woooo. Yes and plz. Gnna play this non stop all night. Is it free?

  • crocydie90


  • Ramaz1234

    Is it going to be free?

  • Hawaii Jeff

    Ski Safari is definitely one of my #1 favorite iOS games.

    Glad to see the devs are getting noticed like this.

  • Donny K76

    I hope this update or new
    Game will INCLUDE Game
    Center Achievements. Ski
    Safari is a great game but that
    Is what it sorely lacks.

  • Illuminerdy

    Hope it's free with IAP

    • michaelfields

      I wish I could downvote you on this site.

      • Lazer Kat

        I wish I could slap you for not understanding sarcasm

      • Ramaz1234

        I really hope it's free I have no money:(

  • michaelfields

    I really hope this doesn't have any IAP but the "alternate costumes/characters" screams it to me.