IBR_eBookCoverJust a quick heads up that the new Infinity Blade novel, subtitled Redemption, has jumped the gun of its originally planned release date of September 9th and is now available in the iTunes Book Store for $2.99.

As we posted about last month when we learned about the upcoming book, there's plenty of crazy lore surrounding the universe in Infinity Blade, but the games themselves never get too in-depth or provide too many answers about it. Novels like the brand new Redemption and the previously released Infinity Blade Novel Awakening can provide more information for those who crave it and fill in some of the gaps that arise during the storylines provided in the games.

Also, we're pretty sure with a new book coming out and Infinity Blade: Dungeons getting officially canned back in July, as well as several hints from bigwigs at Epic and Chair, that this likely means a new proper Infinity Blade game is on the horizon.

While we wait for more information regarding that, dive into Infinity Blade: Redemption via the iTunes link below. It doesn't appear that the book is on Amazon or any other digital storefronts just yet though, but I'd imagine we'll be seeing it on those in the coming days.

iTunes Book Store Link: Infinity Blade: Redemption, $2.99

  • ghanw

    Well the book was awesome, can't wait to see the next installment after the books' revelation.

  • bababewey

    I would possibly listen to an infinity blade audiobook, but reading a novel these days for
    me is become a tougher sell all the time. I just finished reading The Kingdom and the Power, the book about the New York Times and about a quarter of the way through I realized that it was probably the last book I was going to read for a while. iTunes has so many amazing audiobooks and podiobooks that the written word is becoming less and less valuable to me.

    • Jake7905

      The availability of an audio 'book' (it's more like old time radio then a book) does nothing to diminish the power of the written word. It's a different format, but can't replace a real book any more then a movie can.

      • bababewey

        Maybe take a look at the last 2 words in my post.

      • darkcrayon

        Could just as easily be said the written word can't diminish the power of the original medium for storytelling, which is of course oral and not written 😉

  • witedahlia

    At $2.99, I'm happy to pick this up since I liked the first one so much. Seems like quite a steal.

  • Xissoric

    A novel based on an iPod game? Maybe I'd check it out if I'm really bored but I can't see it being on the same level as many of the novels I've read.

    • Schutzenegger

      If you knew anything about the author you'd quickly revise that statement.

    • InkyTheGhost

      I feel bad for snoots, so stuck on their own high-mindedness that they can't enjoy simpler things. The last book was great fun, I'm looking forward to reading this while I wait for the new Thomas Pynchon novel.

    • pheriannath

      Being based on an ipod (technically, ios) game does not, by itself, qualify it as substandard fiction - nor should any literary work be judged as substandard or lacking in maturity simply by virtue of the medium it's based on. It's best not to have any preconceptions like this or you'll miss out on a world of great literature.

      Now it would be a different story and understandable if you were basing your doubts because of the Infinity Blade universe or because you had reservations about the author. I'd disagree - because I've read the first book and played both games and know they're interesting and have excellent track records - but I'd understand.

    • Kristen Stewart

      Do you like fantasy novels at all? If so, I'd recommend checking out one of the author's other works first, like The Emperor's Soul - it just won the 2013 Hugo for best novella and you can get the kindle version for $5 on Amazon. Sanderson's a fantastic writer, which is why there are so many fangirls/boys in this thread.

  • Himanshu Modi

    Just curious, does this complete the story?

  • ttocs

    Brandon Sanderson is one of the best authors of modern fantasy so you are almost guaranteed a quality read if the subject matter is your thing.

  • Taclys

    I've gotten through about 80 pages, this is top notch stuff. It's not exactly best seller quality but very readable, intense, and it's definitely wanting me go see IB3 as soon as possible.

  • defunct32

    Is this a good read? Do I need to read the previous book to enjoy this one?