RIP: Chair Co-founder Confirms ‘Infinity Blade Dungeons’ is Officially Cancelled

ibdlogoWhen Infinity Blade Dungeons – a dungeon-crawling version of Epic and Chair’s mobile sword fighting masterpiece – was announced at an Apple keynote in March of last year, it immediately became one of the most anticipated mobile games in history. We played an in-progress version of the game at E3 that year, and it was awesome.

Then in October, bad news hit that Infinity Blade Dungeons wouldn’t be released in 2012 as intended, as according to Epic there were some issues with bringing the project into their newly-formed Impossible Studios which was previously called Epic Baltimore and which also was made up of members of 38 Studios after they had a financial meltdown and shuttered earlier in the year. You following along? Ok good.

Anyway, fast-forward to February of this year and more bad news hit as Epic announced that Infinity Blade Dungeons would be put on hold indefinitely as they had just closed down the previously mentioned Impossible Studios and weren’t quite sure what would happen to the project going forward.

Well, as many have speculated, IGN has learned that Infinity Blade Dungeons is officially cancelled, according to comments made by Chair co-founder Donald Mustard on the most recent Epic Games podcast. Mustard states that “When the studio that was working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was canceled. That’s really all I can say."

The bright side of this unfortunate turn of events is that Mustard goes on to note that they aren’t done with the Infinity Blade brand yet, and more games, books and possibly products related to the series are in the works. Also, Infinity Blade II ($6.99) is still free, so that’s good news too, right? Right!? (Excuse me, I’ll be over here in the corner shedding some tears.)