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Unsurprising Rumor Alert: ‘Infinity Blade 3’ is More than Likely a Thing

iblogoI’m pretty sure anybody who’s ever laid their hands on Infinity Blade or its sequel, or is even just mildly following along with the world of mobile games, knows what a rousing success the series has been, and that there’s pretty much no question that another sequel would eventually come. Well, I guess here’s further indication that Infinity Blade 3 is a thing that exists or will exist at some point in the future, as Polygon reports via Kotaku that an employee at IB developer Chair has Infinity Blade 3 listed on his LinkedIn profile. Yes, the source is a summary of somebody’s LinkedIn profile, but still, that’s got to count for something right?

Kotaku further points out that newly-appointed Chair community manager Hilary Goldstein strongly suggested a new entry in the Infinity Blade series during his introductory post on Epic’s website, and during the uncerimonious official cancellation of the dungeon crawler spinoff Infinity Blade: Dungeons, Chair co-founder Donald Mustard indicated that more was definitely on the way for the Infinity Blade series. So, Infinity Blade 3 existing might be the least surprising thing you’ve ever heard in your life, but as a fan of the series any little tidbit of confirmation that a new game is coming is enough to get me and the gamers in our forums excited.

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