303518_largerSo, an interesting thing about Peggle 2: when it hits later this year, it'll debut "first exclusively" for the Xbox One. That's what EA revealed earlier this morning about the new entry in the awesome puzzle game franchise, which will see the addition of new levels as well as new power-ups, and customizable "Peggle Masters."

While this exclusivity news kinda comes as a bummer, it's not really all that out there to believe that Peggle 2 will eventually find its way onto the App Store. The original Peggle, for what it's worth, performed really well. Also, that "first exclusively" phrasing is a pretty big tip-off.

But, anyway, as of now Peggle 2 and it's new content is an Xbox One exclusive. We're all about this game, so we'll definitely keep our eyes out there for any update about future platforms that game may come to. Stay tuned.

  • seanodotcom

    Crazy. Peggle is one the ultimate casual mobile games. Smells purely like a MS/EA ploy to drive XBox One sales.

    • sbnewsom

      A casual mobile game driving console sales? You must be joking. The decision was made by the decelopers.

      • xXHardKoreXx

        Yeah...the decision was made by the developers after MS slapped some cash In their hands...

    • rewyan

      I would agree, although Popcap typically has strange behavior when it comes to releases. They tend to release their games exclusively to certain platforms first, then spread them to other platforms. For example, Plants vs Zombies 2 came out exclusively to iOS, with the promise that it would come to other platforms soon.

      I want Microsoft to exit the console buisness, and allow room for a more innovative company that will create something unique. Maybe Sega, maybe Apple, whoever will come out with a new idea. However, for this to happen, the Xbox One would have to fail. Peggle 2 isn't going to help that.

      • McCREE

        Peggle 2 is going to have no impact on XBOne sales whatsoever.

      • TJF588

        Valve's best poised to be the next console contender.

  • Lyra

    What the hell? Such a weird move.

  • mudd

    I was really hoping we were going past the era of exclusives, but hey, why worry about annoying customers when you can make a few extra bucks out of the gate?

    • C. Stubb

      Please. Platform-exclusive release is a long term strategy, not an attempt for quick sales. Whether or not it works is another matter, but limiting availability has no way of boosting the "opening day" (if you will) sales. The tactic is reserved for times when the publisher feels precision and a slow approach are more prudent; or in the event of a contract with a platform owner (i.e. Microsoft) to promote that particular hardware.

  • pavarotti2007

    What is it with Microsoft and timed exclusives?!?!

    • pmpboarder

      They have them.

    • rewyan

      They must pay these developers a lot to have these exclusives. Especially games like Call of Duty, they must pay Activision a lot to have exclusive DLC.

  • Cccee

    I wonder if Peggle 2 will be the same as Peggle Nights, which I've had on my PC for years, as a sequel to Peggle.

    • geoelectric

      Probably not. The Peggle iOS version has Peggle Nights as an add-on already.

      • Cccee

        Oops. You're right. I haven't played it in a while.

  • mudads

    Really, this is news worthy for Microsoft? Of be embarrassed to announce this.

    "Here is our $500 console that we have spent millions on R&D. Here is one of your first exclusive titles! Peggle 2! A game your grandma could run on her 5 year old dell!" Welcome to the future.

    • swarmster

      This is so true. A $500 console is no place for fun games. Microsoft should have told PopCap to piss off.

      • mudads

        I never said it wasn't going to be fun. I said I'd be embarrassed to announce this as an exclusive on your cutting edge console.

  • McCREE

    I haven't seen this announced or mentioned by M$ at all. Just TA. Talk to Eli about your ideas of what is "newsworthy" and what isn't.

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      I'd rather have a chat with you about what is "comment worthy" and what isn't.

      • McCREE

        What would you have to say?

    • Donny K76

      Respectfully, not everybody necessarily likes the same games or genres that you do. To me, it's quite newsworthy considering how much money the original Peggle and Peggle Nights profited from being on the PC and subsequently being ported over to numerous platforms.
      It's a huge slap in the face to people who purchased the PC versions right from the Popcap website, rather than waiting for it to arrive on the PC portals,as well as to people who purchased it on IOS.
      Hopefully, the IOS version of Peggle 2 will be out by February, if not sooner.

      • swarmster

        I agree that it's bizarre they won't release through their website (although I suppose it would be Origin now?), but you can't buy Plants vs. Zombies 2 for PC yet, either. Not being for iOS isn't that strange; Peggle 1 took over two years to come to iPhone, two and a half to come to iPad. PvZ2 is the exception there.

        In any case, Peggle 1 came to Xbox 360, too. Earlier than iOS, in fact. Maybe it sold well? They sure charged me more for it.

      • McCREE

        I meant for my post to be a response to the cat above me who scoffed at Microsoft for making a big deal out of Peggle 2 being an Xbone exclusive. My only point was that MS *isn't* making a big deal out of Peggle 2's exclusivity, and moreover, the only place I've seen this story mentioned is here. MS isn't fueling up the hype train or using Peggle as a console-launcher, they're just going about their business. I'm not judging the game nor its fans. I thought Peggle was great.

  • Jake7905

    This is definitely a strange detour for Peggle 2 to take, but as long as it ends up on IOS, Popcap can take any route they want.

    • Donny K76

      Agreed, but sorely disappointed

  • rewyan

    The Peggie 2 trailer looked very exciting. Karate moves during E3 definitely raise excitement.

  • JCat_NY

    MS handing over a ton for this deal. I'm thinking back at their attempt to pay through the nose to get more RPGS from Japan on the 360. Was a good attempt, but the FPS prevailed. When you think 360, you think Halo, Call of Duty and the word " bro".

  • coheedrocks27

    Dumb. Just trying to get Xbox one sales.

  • Protoman

    Wow...so this is Microsoft's pathetic attempt to deal with the mobile market without making a mobile product. Tying up Peggle 2? Well, it's innovative, ill give em that. I'm so looking forward to this Xbox crashing and burning so someone else can have a crack at the console market. Though I'm sure enough sales will keep the horse beating going for another generation at least.

  • JDigital_

    I'd happily just take an update for Peggle 1 on iOS to support the iPhone 5's bigger screen 🙁

  • V for Viennetta

    ...it's now the end of February 2016 & still no sign of this on iOS.