986893_largerIn case you were worried: yes, more content is coming to PopCap Games's Plants vs. Zombies 2 [Free].

Earlier this morning during EA's gamescom press conference, EA's Tony Leamer took the stage and announced that a new content pack called "Far Future" is coming to the free-to-play game. Sadly, he didn't add any specifics -- we don't know when it's coming or what exactly it'll bring to the game. It's not hard to imagine though.

In other news, by the way, EA released some interesting stats on PVZ2. To date, it has hit just over 16 million downloads, which makes it "the biggest mobile game launch" in EA history. Over 11 billion suns have been generated, players have fought over 2 billion zombie waves, and around 25 million hours of the game have been played.

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is available now on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It'll hit other platforms later this year "and beyond."

[via Joystiq]

  • Pocketnova

    Oh my. No wonder EA thinks Freemuim is better :/

    • Leo281993

      I wouldn't say the number of downloads is because of the fact that its freemium. This is because it's PvZ and also because people have been waiting for this game for ages. Lets just hope EA doesn't do a 180 turn and suddenly make the iap more vigorous. I have my doubts when it comes to ea. take a look at real racing 3 as an example.

      • Galenmereth

        Well, they lost one download due to freemium in me. Probably the only one (so ronery?), but it's still funny to ponder how many downloads a premium version would've had.

      • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

        Not 16m.

      • LeeDot

        Probably true but ultimately it's the money spent that matters not the number of downloads. I personally know a number of non core gamers that were super psyched when I told them that PVZ 2 was out. I didn't say anything about F2P, etc. and they all came back to me later and said they'd already uninstalled it and would rather just play PVZ 1.

        It's interesting to watch how this pans out if nothing else.

      • rewyan

        Freemium is the new thing. Soon, consoles will have freemium aspects to them, along with everything else. Its started with Skylanders and Disney Infinity, and will continue to grow.

        Someday in the distant future, houses will be free, but you'll have to pay extra for the bathrooms.

      • Leo281993

        No I won't pay a dime for the bathrooms. I'll just improvise and use the garden. Lol. XD

      • LCRyan

        Freemium is already here on Xbox. Spartacus and Happy Wars both allow for freemium purchases.

      • michaelfields

        Seriously. I really want to buy a plant as a thanks for making such an awesome game because the devs deserve money but I still don't trust EA not to flip everything and make it impossible without IAP so I'm waiting until a few updates are out before I go for it.

  • Sabaki


    Magnet Mushroom to make a return?

    • SEVEN341

      Yes! Robot zombies!! Fantastic idea for introducing the magnet!

  • Sandalfo

    cant play on my iPhone 5, the game freezes after a victory

  • sweetdiss

    Am I the only one that read "11 billion suns" like Carl Sagan?

    • rewyan

      I probably generated a billion of those suns myself.

  • searching8442

    I say bloons tower defense is better

    • Chq

      Aaaaaaahahahaha-haaaaaa!!! 😛

  • pinpoint007

    I haven't had to spend any cash on the game *yet*...but I hope that they make enough money to consider this model a success.

  • demonalcohol

    How much have they made so far? If each person buys only one plant.... That's like one hundred zillion bajillion dollars

  • dancj

    Is PVZ2 really a success?

    Right now (in the UK) it is at #27 on the top grossing charts - which is very good, but not nearly where I'd expect a game as anticipated as this to be. By comparison, Real Racing 3 is at #12.

    If I was an evil soulless corporate boss of EA, the message I'd take from that is: sod the people who complain. Nasty freemium implementations at sap the fun out of games make much more money than nice friendly ones.

    • themostunclean

      PVZ2 is #17 in the US. Real Racing 3 is at #63.

      That's a pretty huge difference between you and us. Are you looking at overall gross or iPhone only? Because PVZ2 is iPhone exclusive which may explain the discrepancy. That and it's been out for less than a week.

      • dancj

        I was looking at the iPad top grossing chart.

        On the iPhone, Real racing 3 is at 25 and PVZ2 is at 35.

        It's good to know its the other way around in America.

  • pxlpshr

    I've already spent $100 on IAPs in this game. My finger keeps adding those $1,000 in-app currency consumables and you can easily burn through your money. I would've just paid $60 for this game fully unlocked. Now I fear the perpetual consumable purchases. You just can't make the cash in-game to justify using them. Otherwise, an amazing game.

    • pxlpshr

      I should add that I also bought 3 t-shirts from them - so I'm closer to giving them $200. The previous game wouldn't let me spend more that $10 on IAPs.

      • themostunclean

        Well it wasn't a freemium game like this one. And you shouldn't be relying on the game to reign in your compulsive spending, that's what self control (or OCD meds) is for.

      • pxlpshr

        It's a good thing I can afford it then.

    • rewyan


    • Paumask

      Good lord, no wonder EA went for the IAP. Are you the only one that doesn't get that feeling if cheating if you buy upgrades?

  • Tizz986

    I wonder what else we could have done with 25 million hours of productivity? Not trying to be "that guy", but when you put that kind of number on it you have to wonder...

    • YMCMBRules

      Haha that's true, yet I don't really play games since I'm usually busy with sports.

      • Tizz986

        I am still thinking about this...that's 12,019 years of 40 hour work weeks. Someone in the app community should develop an app that crowd sources completing insane task. Find something that the government or some research lab would pay a few million for and split the proceeds based on hours "played".

        Take the total amount they are willing to pay and divide it over the expected completion time if it was done through regular means. Reduce the pot by that amount every day that the "task" goes incomplete. Once it is confirmed complete, the pot on that day gets divided up based on hours invested. Come up with some method to prevent people just leaving their device open and you could do some really amazing things.

        If anyone does this, I want a cut lol.

      • cozmic0

        that's called having a hobby....

        Seriously, if you want to put it that way, just about most thing that people do outside work and survival necessity are 'useless' and 'wasteful'. Watching TV for hours at night? hours sitting down while fishing? shopping for clothes, shoes, bags, etc? Reading your favorite novel? painting miniatures? drinking beer at the sofa? commenting online? Yes, there's so much more 'wasted' hours than the measly amount spent on PvZ 2

  • iosuser

    I'm about half way through the game and I don't see any need to purchase any IAP. The game is fun like the first one and I find it fairly easy especially with the plant seed boosts, free flowing coins for power ups. Based on this and the charts it wouldn't appear EA is making the money they expected. I predict when they add content, etc. they tweak the difficulty to force more people to buy IAP.