fezEven though Fez 2 is canned and Phil Fish has supposedly quit the gaming industry, ports of the original Fez are still coming along. At least, that's what we're gathering from a tweet sent out from the studio's account that says the studio "isn't going anywhere" and there is "still much porting to do." And, yeah, no mention of Fez by name, but what else does the studio have to port?

Back in March, it was revealed that Fez would be coming to Mac and Ouya. An iOS version of the tremendous puzzle game was said to be "highly probable." We're still waiting for actual confirmation that Fez is coming to iPhone and iPad.


You can read about the drama that led to Fish leaving over here. Or here. Or here. The studio's official site also has a brief message that also confirms the news.

But, anyway, Fez might still be coming to iOS and that's awesome. Fingers crossed!

  • felipe

    Great news!

  • ImJPaul

    Ill believe it when it's confirmed. Hell, there's games like Bit Trip Runner 2 that are confirmed for iOS and still haven't come.

    • countermind

      Duke Nukem Forever came into reality, so…

      • andrew9oh7

        That turned out well didnt it

  • syipisa

    what a whiner

  • DranDran

    Phil Fish is way too passionate about gaming to simply stop, up and quit. I still believe he'll work on Fez II quietly and release when its done.. To much pomp and fanfare, no doubt.

  • KillerSpecialK

    Even if Fez comes to iPhone I won't buy it. Fish is such a douxhe that I will no longer support him. Not just cause of this, mind you. Take a look online after he got famous about how he acts. Just a terrible person all around. Shame too, I bought Fez on Xbox before I know what a jerk off he was and I enjoyed it. Too bad, really.

    • themostunclean

      Also known as Molyneux Syndrome.

    • Alex

      Fish could be the biggest c0xsuckar in the world, but who cares? If Fez is good, I'm going to buy it and enjoy it.

      • derek4real

        Good for u,

      • Alex

        It is, isn't it? I feel awfully proud of my statement. How about you?

    • RampageDeluxe

      I'm like you, if I don't like someone or respect them, I won't buy their products. I feel like I take it a little too far, but its just how I am.

    • nonen

      You're going around regurgitating memes defaming someone you don't even know, and Fish is the "terrible person all around"?

      You are among the "terrible people all around" on the internet whose nonstop hate train led to this point in the first place.

      Take your petty hate elsewhere.

    • B30

      I don't know Phil Fish in person, so I can't say if I like him or not, but what I know is, that Fez really looks great (never played it). So, I will deffinitely buy this one when it comes around.

    • xx99

      I don't care whether or not Fish is a douche. A great game is a great game regardless. I don't buy games because of a game developer's social skills.

      There are plenty of examples of great artists, writers, musicians, and inventors who were not talented socially but still managed to put out brilliant work. I don't see why game development is any different.

      Most of us here have Apple devices and it's pretty well established that Steve Jobs was incredibly rude and emotionally volatile.

    • Protoman

      Fish is an over emotional dbag often, it's a disease that's rampant throughout North America right now. I wouldn't let it take away from the game however. The irony though, of you complaining of purchasing his game on the 360, a console sold by a company who thought it was fine to go ahead and put it out at a 72% fail rate in their own tests before release, is just hilarious. You had no problem buying the 360 from MSOFT and they were dbags on a massive scale, but somehow one man being overly whiny is too much. Man I laughed for like 10 minutes. That made my night. Thank you.

  • garret44

    Dang I hope so. First limbo and now this would show that ios gaming isn't screwing around

    --I mean besides all the free to play....

    • Ryan

      Like Xcom, KOTOR, and Vice City haven't already 😉 We don't need Fez.

  • http://www.artificeguild.com/ Briony of Artifice

    Phil Fish has been a dick since he entered the scene. Glad to hear he's retired. It's way overdue.

    • nonen

      My comment above goes for you too. Let me help you out and copy it below:

      "You're going around regurgitating memes defaming someone you don't even know, and Fish is the "dick"?

      You are among the "dicks" on the internet whose nonstop hate train led to this point in the first place.

      Keep your petty hate to yourself and retire from TA commenting asap, it's way overdue."

      • kKNd

        Are you Phil perhaps? Still around?

        Normal people don't care about stupid memes and rumors over the internet. They are all jokes and should not be taken seriously, ever. If he cannot understand this, he is just plain stupid and should reattend kindergarten.

        I wouldn't even care about him but he lost all my respect when he announced that he just doesn't give a damn about his game and fans of it anymore and just leaves. Why? Because of some random haters over the internet. Srsly? It's like he threw a handful of shit on everyone's faces and was even proud of it saying that it's their fault. So childish...

        Anyways I hope he grows up some time. The game itself is brilliant so he should have some imagination if he created something like Fez.

  • grits

    Who cares if you 'like' him? Do you only buy products from people you want to hang out with?

    • Benegesserit

      He seemed to care a lot if people liked him.

  • LN3000

    It's pretty dumb to say you're not going to buy a game just because you don't like a person.
    Judge the game based on the game, not the people who make it.
    I think Phil Fish is great. He's a bit too sensitive, caring about what idiot people on the Internet think. If he keeps making great games, it really doesn't matter what people think.

  • ratsinheat

    If there's ever been one to poorly handle their own product, its the creator of Fez. What a bumbling shit show. He had SUCH hype behind him for the longest time but clearly had either no interest in catering to the masses or wasn't able to keep up with the programming. I feel bad for the situation. He left the egg in the water for too long and it turned all rubbery and became hard to digest. At this point, Fez for iPhone is like saying god is gonna give men a third ball. It's useless and the time for it had passed.

    Ps. I assume there was a time in humanity when a third ball would have really paid off.

    • xx99

      He didnt do any of the programming. Also, he has said that the biggest mistake he made was announcing it too early and has also said keeping up the hype was one of the hardest things about the whole process.

  • InfectiousRed

    Not a penny of my money will go into Phil Fish's pockets ever. I'm not even a huge fan of Japanese games, but I hope Godzilla takes a dump on Phil that suffocates him.

  • garret44

    It's gonna be funny when it comes out and all you guys buy it who hate him.

    He seems like he has some emotional issues but at the same time I'd like to see anyone else create fez without their head exploding

    • cuw

      The guys who made bastion seem cool as hell. They also made IMHO a better game

      • Protoman

        I enjoyed Bastion way more than Fez. I think being an audio guy is what really did it though, for me at least. The music in Bastion pulls you into that game so much. I don't know, Fez was an ok platformer, needed more action for me I guess as well. I got it on Steam but I wouldnt get it again for iOS like I did with Bastion.

  • Nölff

    Fez for mobile platforms has been talked about way too much and nothing has happened.

  • Darkness

    Choke on it