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‘Shadowrun Returns’ Mobile Delayed A Few Weeks

Shadowrun_returns_logoWhere is my Shadowrun Returns? We’ve seen this question a bunch since the game’s launch on other platforms and its continued non-existence on the App Store. We don’t have a solid answer as to when just yet, but we do have a why for it dragging behind. According to Harebrained Schemes, the tablet version has been delayed a couple of weeks to get it as polished as possible. No big deal.

“While we wanted to get the mobile tablet versions out at the same time as the PC and Mac versions, our main priority is creating the best game possible on all platforms," Harebrained told us via e-mail.

“To that end, we are going to delay the tablet versions for a few weeks to make sure that the game meets all our high expectations and delivers the best gaming experience possible on mobile tablets, so we have not announced a release date for iOS yet."

Look, if there’s anything I’ve learned about games or even banana bread, it’s that you don’t take either out of the oven too early unless you want to have a bad time. While the wait will suck, at least it’s for a good reason. No-one likes undercooked games. Or banana mouth.