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‘Fez’ on iOS “Highly Probable” Says Polytron’s Phil Fish

Yesterday, Fez designer Phil Fish took to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything" question-and-answer session where he just about confirmed that his popular Polytron’s critically acclaimed Xbox Live puzzle platformer would be heading to iOS, as reported by Joystiq.

Back in December, Fish posted on the Polytron blog that he intended to make Fez available on more platforms. While not naming iOS specifically, many people (including ourselves) felt that the perspective-switching dynamic that Fez is built around would be a perfect fit for the touchscreen. During the Reddit AMA, Fish noted that an iOS version is “highly probable."

In addition to an iOS version, Polytron hopes to get Fez on as many other platforms as possible. A Mac and Ouya version are a sure thing, a Linux version remains a possibility, and they’re working with Sony on possible Vita and PSN releases. Fez will also be coming to Steam on PC May 1st.

Fez is a very unique and challenging game, and I’ve always wanted to hunker down with an iPad to play it. Hopefully that dream will come true after all, and once we have some more concrete details on iOS Fez we’ll be sure to let you know.