Hey, it's Wednesday! As mentioned this morning, there's oodles of new iOS games now available.

Breach & Clear

First Look: First Look at 'Breach & Clear', an 'XCOM'-like Modern Military Tactics Game

At the top-level, Breach & Clear is a tactical, turn-based shooter. In it, you control a four-man squad across a variety of missions that, basically, boil down to busting into a building and taking out all the bad dudes in it. Breach's twist is that you've got to do methodically. An initial planning phase has you picking the best points of entry. Later, you'll execute on this plan, stacking up on doors and entering into the facility with care towards sight lines and what might rush at you from opposite rooms.

Forum Thread: Breach & Clear - (by Gun.) [Universal]

Call of Mini Infinity

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iTunes Description:

The earth is on the brink of a large METEORITE IMPACT! The burden is on you to find a new place for people to LIVE. Colonizing a planet is not that easy and DANGERS lie ahead.

Forum Thread: Call of Mini™ Infinity - (by Triniti Interactive Limited) [Universal]

Dolmus Driver HD

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iTunes Description:

Dolmus is a kind of shared taxi. These vehicles have routes without timetables, but instead departing when all seats are filled.

Forum Thread: Dolmus Driver HD - (by Gripati Digital Entertainment)

Futuridium EP

First Look: 'Futuridium EP' is a Space Shooter with Awesome Music and Visuals that's Launching Tonight

Futuridium is a behind-the-ship style space shooter, similar to something like StarFox. Each "level" is actually a larger spaceship where your goal is to blast away all the blue cubes you see, which will reveal a white core cube. Destroying the core cube completes the level, and the whole thing has a sort of "Death Star trench run" feel to it.

Forum Thread: Futuridium EP - (by MixedBag) [Universal]

Kamikaze Pigs

iTunes Description:

Squeal, aim, and fire as you send these pork-bellied troops into a chaotic scramble. Simply tap to launch your attack and watch as these ham-handed pigs bring the war to its gristly end.

Forum Thread: Kamikaze Pigs - (by Chillingo Ltd) [Universal]

Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded

First Look: 'Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded' Hits the App Store

The desktop version of Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded did launch last month as intended to fairly mixed reviews. Perhaps the juvenile nature of the series just doesn't have the same appeal as it did back in the '80s and '90s, but seeing as my own maturity level is still hovering somewhere around middle school level I'm still interested to check out the iOS version.

Forum Thread: Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded - (by Replay Games, Inc.) [Universal]

Nuclear Outrun

iTunes Description:

Through some unforeseen (yet totally avoidable) world crisis, a nuclear missile is crashing down to ruin everyone's party. Drive & shoot your way out of a zombie-infested city as far as you can, before everything goes kaboom!

Forum Thread: Nuclear Outrun - (by Gamenauts) [Universal]


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First Look: ''PAC-MAN DASH!' Is A 'PAC-MAN' Runner? It's A 'PAC-MAN' Runner.

PAC-MAN DASH is a PAC-MAN flavored runner. With one-tap controls, your goal is to eat as many cookies as possible, while also snacking on bonus items like fruits and enjoying the rare ghost here and there. Gathering the highest of high scores is one of the game's core pillars, which, now that I think about it, isn't so different from old-school PAC-MAN I guess.

Forum Thread: PAC-MAN DASH! - (by NamcoBandai Games Inc.) [Universal]


iTunes Description:

PALIDIN | The Ghalidir Chronicles is a text adventure in the same vein as the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books from yesteryear with a few RPG elements thrown in for fun.

Forum Thread: PALIDIN | The Ghalidir Chronicles - (by Patrick Thomas) [iPhone]


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First Look: New Version of Classic Arcade Shooter 'R-Type' Hitting the App Store Tonight

Well, as you may or may not know, that original iOS port of R-Type was developed by DotEmu and published by EA, and at the beginning of the year that publishing deal expired and the game was subsequently pulled from the App Store. DotEmu decided to take that opportunity to polish up the game with a few new features and fixes and re-release it under their own label, which brings us to the R.Type (with a dot, not a dash) that hit international App Stores today and will be available in the US at 11pm EST tonight.

Forum Thread: R.TYPE - (by DotEmu) [Universal]

Sky Gamblers: Cold War

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First Look: First Look At 'Sky Gamblers: Cold War', A Cold War Arcade Dogfighting Game

Sky Gamblers: Cold War is what you think it is. It's another high-octane, dog-fighting fest set in the Sky Gamblers universe, except this time it takes place during the Cold War. Because of this, Cold War has a variety of planes and fighters from various eras, including a sick WWII fighter.

Forum Thread: Sky Gamblers: Cold War - (by Atypical Games) [Universal]

  • Taclys

    B&C already downloading.

  • toxiccheese

    Finally! I'm happy now!

    • TechUser2011

      I would buy Paladin, except for the fact that the trailer said they finished the Windows Phone version before the iOS version. Apparently they value Windows Phone more than iOS customers, which makes me question their intelligence, which makes me hesitant to buy their product.

  • cowtruck123

    I like the new format of the coming tonight posts
    Also, Bloons TD Battles is out too

    • themostunclean

      Thank you! So sick of hearing people complain about that. This way is much more in-depth.

      Website format changes always bring the neurotic people out of the woodwork.

      • Xissoric

        The reason I don't like the new format is because before I used to be able to decide whether or not I felt like staying awake until 11pm (EST). Now I'll wait and see and find out it's all garbage that came out.

      • PureRumble

        Go to the forums, and pick the one named general games discussion.

        There you will find a thread named "upcoming games 2013". It has been sticked to the top of the threads list.

        They list all the months upcoming games with dates.

        The only thing they miss are sudden out-of-the-world surprises, but otherwise theyre complete

  • pdSlooper

    Kairosoft's Dream House Days is out on the Japanese storefront, it's free and it plays in English.

    • djstout

      Great, checking that one right away

    • cason

      Which Japanese AppStore

      • pdSlooper

        Well, storefront, or whatever you want to call the iOS region locking. Just load up the app store and scroll down till you see a little round flag-like button. Click that and you can change to Japan. But you'll need a Japanese account to download anything. There's tutorials for that if you Google it.

  • JRaynor

    what do we want?????

    The "Comming to night" post

    and do we want it????


  • Max C

    That pigs game is a lot of fun. I bought it based on it being a chillingo game. I got a few good hours out of it, although it isn't terribly long to get all the stars.

  • sweetdiss


  • JRaynor

    thanks for deleting my post about that we want the "comming tonight" post again

    Anyway this week breach and clear for me, palidin looks nice thought

    • http://toucharcade.com Eli Hodapp

      We rarely, if ever, delete posts. There is an auto-moderation feature of Disqus though in that if you reach a certain threshold of downvotes your comment is moderated- This happens a lot when people post crazy things that people disagree with.

      • JRaynor

        well if my post wasn't delete then my apologies

        I finded odd that disqus would delete something like

        "what do we want?" "the comming tonight post" with a image of the all the things meme

      • MrAHskrEsq

        Poppycock. TA is heavily moderating all and sundry who dare to mention your obtuse removing of the ever popular 'coming tonight' post. It's been widely reported and known that TA has switched it's strategy and focus from its genuine readers to 'click farming'. It's genuinely sad and pathetic TAs removal of coming tonight, bit also their flippant, nonchalant attitude towards the very people who made TA - the readers.

      • Zeldaniac

        Am I the only one who saw all the anger about the format change and immediately thought, "this isn't that big of a deal"?

      • MrAHskrEsq

        Yes you are the only one. Everyone else and their dog saw the coming tonight post as their concise highly informative weekly update as to what great new games they could look forward to to waking up to. TA decided to turn their back on the loyal readers and change the rules and game mid-play purely for click farming reasons.

  • Greyskull

    Was Paladin pulled before? I've had it on my watchlist for like a week.

  • hourglass

    None of these look particularly great. Looks like my wallet is safe for now.

    • themostunclean

      Agreed. First week in a long time that's happened.

    • Peter

      * None of these look particularly great, except for Breach & Clear, Futuridium, R.TYPE and Sky Gamblers Cold War.

    • PureRumble

      Breach&clear friend... Breach. &. Clear!

  • ODMay

    Call of Mini: Halo? 🙂

  • Jake7905

    At 2 bucks Breach & Clear looks like a good game for a reasonable price. Nothing else looks too exciting here, and that PacMan game looks truly awful.

  • cason

    Call of mini intrinity won't let me download because its says camera requires autofocus

    • hourglass

      It's so the government can watch you with extra clarity. Wouldn't want government agents to have to watch grainy footage, would we?

  • WarMachine

    Bought breach and clear. Just looking through the main menu there are tons of customization. However I had to delete it off the iPhone since its hard on the eyes. Gonna play on the iPad instead.

  • doomsday3706

    Just picked up a copy of Paladin, it reminds me of when I was little! Breach and clear is brilliant on the iPad, I would recommend buying a copy!

  • iOSPeace

    Well figuring out that CoM Infinity is not compatible with iPad 2 just makes it really bad. It's sad and I hope they make it iPad 2 compatible. I was looking forward to playing it on my iPad 2 instead of my iPhone 4S