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‘PAC-MAN DASH!’ Is A ‘PAC-MAN’ Runner? It’s A ‘PAC-MAN’ Runner.

mzl.lmkisygg.175x175-75PAC-MAN DASH is a PAC-MAN flavored runner. With one-tap controls, your goal is to eat as many cookies as possible, while also snacking on bonus items like fruits and enjoying the rare ghost here and there. Gathering the highest of high scores is one of the game’s core pillars, which, now that I think about it, isn’t so different from old-school PAC-MAN I guess.

The game is set across a singular, though massive, multi-colored and multi-tiered level filled with pipes and platforms. Generally speaking, the higher you go, the fatter your rewards. Staying on top does get tricky — as you devour cookies, PAC-MAN’s speed grows and makes it harder and harder to gauge the timing on jumps.

There’s a twist here. As you play and earn cookies, you can buy special abilities that give you the power to dash or even turn into a magnetic monster that auto-collects any ghost, fruit, or cookie that gets in its sphere of influence.

pac-man-1 pac-man-2

Did I mention that this is mission-based? It’s also mission-based. As you play, the game asks you to do certain tasks like, say, eat ten ghosts in a run. In the early going, the missions seem to riff on what you’ve just purchased in the in-game store.

Weird, right? We saw the “dash" part of the name in the store when it popped up in New Zealand this morning, but it didn’t really sink in. We’ll keep on trucking and give you a stronger look down the line. First take, though, is good.

If you want to catch PAC-MAN DASH fever, give it a shot tonight. It’ll hit around 11:00 PM EST.

International App Store Link: PAC-MAN DASH!, Free (Universal)