ibdlogoWhen Infinity Blade Dungeons – a dungeon-crawling version of Epic and Chair's mobile sword fighting masterpiece – was announced at an Apple keynote in March of last year, it immediately became one of the most anticipated mobile games in history. We played an in-progress version of the game at E3 that year, and it was awesome.

Then in October, bad news hit that Infinity Blade Dungeons wouldn't be released in 2012 as intended, as according to Epic there were some issues with bringing the project into their newly-formed Impossible Studios which was previously called Epic Baltimore and which also was made up of members of 38 Studios after they had a financial meltdown and shuttered earlier in the year. You following along? Ok good.

Anyway, fast-forward to February of this year and more bad news hit as Epic announced that Infinity Blade Dungeons would be put on hold indefinitely as they had just closed down the previously mentioned Impossible Studios and weren't quite sure what would happen to the project going forward.

Well, as many have speculated, IGN has learned that Infinity Blade Dungeons is officially cancelled, according to comments made by Chair co-founder Donald Mustard on the most recent Epic Games podcast. Mustard states that "When the studio that was working on [Dungeons] was closed, the game was canceled. That's really all I can say."

The bright side of this unfortunate turn of events is that Mustard goes on to note that they aren't done with the Infinity Blade brand yet, and more games, books and possibly products related to the series are in the works. Also, Infinity Blade II [$6.99] is still free, so that's good news too, right? Right!? (Excuse me, I'll be over here in the corner shedding some tears.)


  • LousyHero



  • korymatthew

    GAHHHH!!! Noooooo!!!! :(:(

  • zachattack165


  • CricketDude

    Sad face

  • ODMay

    Tbh, I forgot about this was in the works.

    • ODMay

      Tbh, I forgot this game was in the works.***

    • B3nlok

      Cant say the same of the folks that bought "the new ipad" because of this game. Crazy.

  • Zeldaniac


    • LOLCAT

      Haha. Yep.

  • macatron

    Well, I guess this was to be expected form a development team called "Impossible Studios." It's too bad, though, because this looked like it was really going to be something special. 🙁

  • C. Stubb

    You know, I really wouldn't mind it if they axed the book series too...

    • hourglass


      They will not take THAT from me.

    • yobrandino

      Seriously, why?!?!?

      Mooooore books please!!!!!

      • CrispyCreamed

        Brandon Sanderson is LEGIT!

  • Reignmaker

    Don't worry people, apparently Gameloft will be releasing Dungeon Hunter 5 next month with more delicious "pay-to-win" mechanics.

    • Reignmaker

      ^ By the way, this is sarcasm.

    • Pray For Death

      On a more serious note, iesabel, which just came out, is actually a pretty good action RPG. Worth checking out if you're into the genre

    • Alex


  • Deonaldi

    Huff saw that coming

  • handycapman

    Just came here to say bummer... And that the Limbo review was bull.

  • Animosity16

    OK NO!!!!! This would've been an EXTREMELY better version of Gameloft's Dungeon Hunter 4

    • hourglass

      Dungeon Hunter has become complete bullshit. The pay to win shit really pissed me off.

      • arthurdapaz

        That's why I jailbreak and hack-to-win this shit games

      • Catacul


  • AngryBaby

    IMO Infinity Blade never lived up to that castle exploration tech demo that I was so stoked about back in the day. I for one was super pumped for IB Dungeons, but after the freemiumly frustrating gameplay in DH4, I'm weary of big budget iOS dungeon crawlers. Even still, sad to hear it's official.

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  • wingz

    My heart jumped out of my chest and screamed.

  • sawyer4325

    Can I join you in that corner Jared?

  • Morgan01

    "One of the most anticipated game in mobile history"... "officially cancelled". Just goes to show that the consumer doesn't necessarily get what they want. We have to make due with what is made available to us.

    • anabolicMike

      It's wrong anyway. The most anticipated for me was Baldur's Gate. I was checking everyday for the Android Release. They....They took that away. I got mad and did something bad. I beat up a skater pretty bad cause he was wearing an Atari symbol. He was screaming why so I told him. He started hitting himself after that. I thought I was brutal. Jesus. I'm mentally imbalanced after witnessing what that kid did to himself. I still get shivers.

  • GameIoft

    Fucking nerds get modern combat 3 or 4

    • iammane

      So when you want toast I'm gonna tell you to buy a blender. Douchebag.

  • LunarFlame17

    I'm confused as to why the closure of Impossible Studios meant that this game had to be cancelled. This game was shown off at the iPad 3 event before Impossible Studios was formed, wasn't it? Who was working on it before Impossible? Why can't they work on it again? What the heck is Chair working on these days, anyway? So many unanswered questions.

    • ZarieoZ

      They could at least sell the franchise to someone else, or give them the rights to do it. I'd really want to have this game & if its a loyal company like Firaxis then I'd want it even more 🙂

  • J0n072295

    What a shame, I was really looking forward to this.......I think I just died a bit inside.......

  • bobotmeister

    it'd be nice to try kickstarter...

  • Alexythimia23

    With all the amazing games already on app store, kotor, xcom, nova 3, modern combat 4, deux ex, WHO CARES!!! Another dungeon crawler is not such a big deal anymore lol

    • hourglass

      Gameloft is going downhill. All that pay to win stuff really pisses a lot of people off.

      • Chester_Copperpot

        Link, please? I haven't seen anything to that effect. Not arguing, just curious.

      • cookthroughtheages

        Gameloft is turning to the freemium route and their games are almost always a subpar copy of another.

      • Chester_Copperpot

        Yeah, I was thinking (maybe hoping) we were talking finances.

  • Deixa

    What was the point developing what they did just to throw it all away. At least sell it to someone or give away free (not to EA) cause I'm sure there are people out there that would love to put their ideas into that game.

  • ElPumo

    Even though they were cramming IB content into a game that originally wasn't an IB title this is unfortunate news.

    I hope the franchise does continue.

    • swisssk8er1

      The article above confirms that the franchise will continue. Last paragraph.

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  • readysetboom

    Wow. Chair is really fu*king up some of their potentially best franchises. Dungeons and shadow complex. These guys could be killing it and they would rather stick to stupid gimmicky games. Boo on you chair. Boo on you!!!!

  • TrencH

    How depressing, the writing was on the wall though with how long it took them with all the delays on this title. A lot of ppl were excited to see it announced and all the previews seems real good. Again, depressing..

  • readysetboom

    I hate infinity blade. It's lame and boring. All weapons are the same and it is solo repetitive. Build something new Donald Condiment, Ketchup, whatever your name is.

  • Opinion

    Next they say Oceanhorn is Cancelled....

    • hourglass



  • Wizard_Mike

    Oh well. I gave up wanting this game a long time ago, to be honest.

  • sfbayrealtor

    Everyone would forget this, if blizzard would simply port diablo 3 to the iPad 😉

    • arthurdapaz

      Truth have been said here!

      • twistedmind87

        I'll settle for Diablo one or two also 🙂

    • Protoman

      If d3 wasn't a pile of garbage. I think D2 would be a better game to port.

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  • araczynski

    Pretty dumb, they should axe the inevitable IB3 , rather than this. Thought the first two sucked donkey nuts. Why did they farm out this game anyway? No real talent?

    • Chester_Copperpot

      A good dungeon crawler would be much more interesting. Replay value would be a lot better too, in my opinion. I'm not buying another IB if they don't do more with the play mechanics.

  • Jake7905

    Is anyone really surprised by this? Next thing they'll announce is that Mitt Romney won't be the next President.

  • arthurdapaz

    JESUS! Ohmygod! That's really a game I was waiting for!!!!!

    Just to prove that, this is the FIRST comment I ever made on TouchArcade App.

    Here I am registering my pain for this absurd loss

  • Mr. Grizzly

    Why can't they just sell the rights to a studio that will finish it? Just remove the aspects of it that directly connect it to Infinity Blade and make a different dungeon crawler. This looks so good - better than anything else trying to copy or imitate it on the App Store.

  • cookthroughtheages

    Can I start crying?!?! :'(((

  • pauldavidmerritt

    I'd bet you anything they were planning a great IAP scheme at the time gamers started to get up in arms about the scandals. Then, taking a second look at their cost and potential profit of reworking the mechanics, decided it was worth more to focus on the next project (which they had already decided to do at the time of their very first "on hold" announcement). Keep in mind everyone, next time something's on hold, it means there's a big chance it won't come out. They don't want to disappoint customers, so they break the news in a timely fashion according their upcoming project (so everyone keeps their smile on).

  • Johnny101

    Who cares anyway, good riddance !

    • pauldavidmerritt

      Haha I liked this, but it did a fantastic job at giving false hope as a deep, truly dedicated standpoint to gamers. It looked like a great game nonetheless.

      • Johnny101

        Yes true it looked very good in previous trailers but there are too many great games on iOS to spend anymore time worrying about this game. Forgotten memories IMO will set a new bar to mobile games! That's the game I want on iOS.

  • ChilLama

    Why don't they just release a beta? Or at least maybe make an Infinity Blade game for consoles... Maybe wii u!!!

  • Grummie

    Haha Donald mustard

  • ImJPaul

    That sucks.

    Now release infinity blade 3.

    Seriously, who doesn't love money?

  • miumius

    These last three articles have just been an onslaught of frustration 🙁


    It was going to be freemium anyway.

  • deepblueocean84

    Donald Mustard, lol wasn't he in clue?

    • handycapman


  • Jef Crisis

    i like the weapon forge idea. hope someone rips that off in a game that gets finished.

  • Tranceaholic


  • holden2015

    Nooooooooohohohohoho *woody from toy story voice*

  • Jay G

    Called this a couple of weeks ago...and props to you guys for crediting IGN for the info.

  • robotnyk

    When I heard the news in February that the development is on hold, I thought that it was the death of AAA mobile titles, but since then we got Deus Ex, and excellent ports like SW: KOTOR and XCOM amongst others, so while the loss of this game is sad, gaming on the platform is on to up, me thinks.

  • rfmv123
  • Zeital

    Ughhh no. This was in my top of must buy list of awesome sauce games to come out. :'(

  • metalmandave83

    I had assumed this several months ago.

  • readysetboom

    It was cancelled because Donald Mustard is really Edward Snowden and is on the run. They look alike.

  • DarkClawz

    The only game I've been looking forward to! Would have paid big for it. Stupid move!

  • ccifox

    I think this sort of announcement is both warranted, and expected this long with no real updates. It's better the market isn't flooded with 'Duke Nukem: Forever's,' but its still unfortunate.

  • Maniacfive

    Sucks to be the original team. They're developing a dungeon crawler. Chair says 'hey this would be better if we rolled it into the IB universe, then everyone forgets about IB and the whole thing gets cancelled down.

  • King Random

    Now they just HAVE to make IB3!!!
    Otherwise I will be reaaaaallllyyyy pissed off!

  • John Francis

    This is just a sad illustration that to make a game of this nature still costs more than Epic thinks they will make back. The crazy part is it would likely do 1 million at 10 bucks so 10 million is a safe bet. The fact that Xcom never cracked the top 150 in games isn't a great indicator for a hardcore base on iPad yet though.

  • john360

    Sad really sad after all the teaser and made all players finger tingle, then this happened. Hopefully this game will come in the future but, by that time maybe this game will become part of retro games.