This week on The TouchArcade Show, we talk about GDC, our coverage of the event, and what we might do in the future to make it a little better. Also, The Unbearded One tells us what it's like to live without a beard, Eli breaks down his demo with the Oculus Rift and Brad shares his experience with BioShock Infinite so far. Later, we do dig into some iPhone and iPad games. Slayin and The Other Brothers lead off our Games segment, while a couple of other notables, including Ms Splosion Man, bring it to a close.

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We've almost made it to episode 100! That seems like a huge deal! Oh, and here are your show notes:



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  • phonecats

    yall cool

  • agentblank

    In the preview on the app all it said was "in loving memory of jared." I thought he died!

    • PureRumble

      I was gonna write the exact same thing. I was like... like... OMG :'-(

  • Metal Jesus Rocks

    Having finished Bioshock recently, I think your complaints about the game were a little harsh. Did it drag in the middle? Yeah, a bit. But towards the end I was zipping around, opening portals and fighting dudes like crazy and having a ton of fun. And that Ending? Whoa. My wife & I talked about that for half hour afterwards.

  • MidianGTX

    95% of the respect I had for Jared rested in his beard.

  • vicsark

    "1974... take that old people!" Ouch, that hurts 😀