Firemonkeys' Real Racing 3 [Free] is almost upon us, and whether you love that it's free or you hate that it isn't a buy-once-play-forever title, it's going to require a bit of strategy to get the most gameplay out of the title while spending the least amount of money. Managing timers in free to play games can almost be a mini game themselves, and intelligent repair scheduling and car purchasing can significantly mitigate how much time you spend waiting versus how much time you spend racing. While its US release is still a few hours out, now is the time to absorb some strategy on how to spend as little real money as possible while playing the game.

Yesterday I started a thread in our forums asking for tips from New Zealanders and "New Zealanders" who have been playing the game since its soft launch two weeks ago. What's strange about Real Racing 3 is that it's almost the reverse of your typical free to play game. Titles like Clash of Clans [Free], for instance, have very short timers at the start of the game that slowly ramp up into building upgrades that you have to let run over night, or even multiple days.

Get The Silvia

On the subject of which of the starter cars to get, we agree with Xeyad: "Go for the Nissan Silvia, because it accelerates faster and brakes better than the Focus RS." Additionally, when looking at what to get next your additional car purchases should be from the next tier of cars instead of merely saving up for the Focus RS to have two cars for the same class of races. While you totally can buy the Focus RS as your second car, you won't be able to advance outside of the races that both those cars are eligible to compete in.

Buy A Second Car as Soon as Possible

In its current implementation (which we've already seen can be tweaked on the fly) the game's timers seem to be the most punishing at the start of the game when you only have one car. The overall consensus seems to be to do everything you can to reserve both in-game money and the various premium currency you can scrounge up on rushing to owning multiple cars.

Connector explains how he did it:

The most important tip that I have is try to get 3 cars as soon as possible to counter the wait timers. Don't bother upgrading, repairing, or servicing your car until you get your third car. This way, you can switch cars once the lenghty wait timers hit, and you will enjoy the game alot more when you have 3 or more cars.

As you race your cars, they eventually need various repairs, but with two cars you can essentially play twice as long as you beat up one car, then move on to the other. So, at the start of the game it pays off immensely to be patient with timers and let them run instead of dumping the premium currency to speed those up.

Keep An Eye Out For Deals

Amusing Grace points out that the 3rd, 6th, and 9th race in a particular tier will feature a car that's on sale. You will only get this offer once, so try to plan ahead to take advantage of these offers whenever possible. Also, if you're having trouble with races and need to upgrade your car, try to do it as strategically as possible. If you just need a small edge, go for a inexpensive upgrade like tires. If you're committing to something more substantial, upgrading your drivetrain is the best bang for the buck.

Mitigate Damage Whenever Possible

As mentioned by Hoggy110, a mixture of taking corners conservatively to avoid damage while doing everything you can to get out of the way of the AI racers as soon as possible will keep you in the game longer. More damage equates to the necessity of more repairs, and the first few corners can both make or break your car as well as your positioning in the race itself.

Connector also has had good luck getting creative with shortcuts:

This may sound really stupid, but there are times that you may just want to cut through the grass to pass like 10 cars when the ai cars are getting bundled up. While your car will get a little damage from this, you may actually gain more money cause of placing, a faster time, and possibly less overall damage than actually passing the cars on the track. I know the expert players are gonna cringe from my remarks, but it is an option, and it works, especially for beginners.

Find a Control Method That Suits You

Experiment with the different control options finding the best one for your personal level of driving skill. Real Racing 3 features tons of assists, making the game incredibly easy to manager for players who aren't that experienced with racing games, but these assists can also be detrimental to your performance. For instance, the brake assist seems a little heavy handed compared to how you might brake if you were controlling them entirely yourself.

Turning off these assists can be a double edged sword, however, as once again you come face to face with the balancing game that is your overall racing performance and how damaged your car gets. It's entirely possible to make a greater profit placing lower in multiple races than going all out in one race driving so aggressive you're forced into repairing your car immediately.

Choose Your Repairs Wisely

On the subject of repairing your car, keep an eye on which items actually are impacting your performance. For example, there's not much reason to take your car entirely out of commission to repair your headlights as the performance impact of them being broken is negligible and once they're totally broken it's not like they can get damaged more. Also, JagerBombS mentions that brakes needing servicing isn't that big of a deal either, especially if you get good at controlling them manually and handling corners mainly using deceleration.

Make Social Connections to Maximize Earnings

Multiple forum members have suggested getting involved in the social features of the game, as the more friends of yours that you're racing against, the better the rewards can be. Speaking of rewards, The Stick plays by finding what he calls an "easy win" race that you can race over and over again to grind money quickly. He's partial to doing five laps on Suzuka with the Ford Focus RS and four laps on Mount Panorama with the Audi TT Roadster.

Also, like many free to play games, keep an eye out for bonus offers to get additional premium currency. These games almost always have offers you can complete such as liking Facebook pages, checking out other apps, and more simple things to get a small boost.

Queue Up Timers Before Bed

Meanwhile, both JagerBombS and FilipAGuy are mitigating the timers by trying to be a bit more proactive with when you actually execute your various repairs and upgrades. For example, if you're going to bed or aren't going to be able to play for a while, queue up a ton of timers. When you come back, everything will be ready to roll.

If you've got any similar tips, feel free to drop them in the comments here, in the forum thread, or both.

New Zealand App Store Link: Real Racing 3, Free

  • Crunchewy

    Alternatively, do not download Real Racing 3.

    • B3nlok

      Serious question: Whats the point of getting angry because of the freemium implementation if the game hidden behind the IAP walls is a mediocre, repetitive, unpolished mess?

      • jamarohn

        What rubs me wrong is that I want to pay for a game that I can own, which isn't the case here. Instead, you keep paying for the privilege to play, without ever owning the software (at least that's how it feels). It's like going to an arcade and dropping quarters to play. I'd rather buy the game.

      • Paul Hopper

        Except that the forum threads and this articles main purpose both explain ways of playing without spending any real money.

      • Aaron Pon

        I got a simple solution either jail break and hack the game or change the time on your iPhone in settings.

      • Aaron Pon

        there's a thing called localiapstore allows you to hack in app purchases for those who have jailbroken

      • theanimaster


      • B3nlok

        I agree. But my point is that people seem to be so mad about the freemium system in RR3 that they have never questioned themselves if the game itself is really that great. My honest opinion? Its not.

      • jamarohn

        I just hope this doesn't become a precedence of what's to come. Imagine if Star Command had a similar model... I cringe at that thought.

      • nonstickron

        Personally, I think the game is great.

      • nonstickron

        Personally, I think the game is great.

    • menom

      I wish I could up vote you more than once *references Eli's notoriously misguided post from last week*

      • Eli Hodapp

        B..b..b...but not downloading something I'm not interested in is SIMPLY NOT AN OPTION! ;)

      • cuw

        NO! I am going to show fire monkey my protest by downloading the game then playing it then deleting it and then posting nonstop on forums about what a terrible game it is and how bad ea is. They will rue the day they crossed me!!!

        Sarcasm aside does the game support AirPlay in any way? It would be pretty damn cool to shoot the game to my tv and then use my iPhone for controls.

        I am genuinely intrigued as to how this does as cross platform because it will be one of the first graphically intense games that is on android and iOS. I hope no stops were pulled to ensure support on the mess of android devices. It will also be a great way to actually see how many people on android actually play premium games in comparison to iOS. This being cross platform could either be the beginning of devs taking android seriously or the alternative where EA learns that no matter how much work and polish they put into a game it won't make as much money on it. Personally I expect a lot of people really upset when the game plays like crap on their Ainol Elf tablets and it getting a bad wrap despite it probably playing fine on a galaxy series phone.

  • Bruce Morrison

    Comment where I pass judgement on a game I havn't played and decide that developers who worked hard on a game shouldn't actually be paid any money.

    Alternatively I declare I will pay $50 for this game, then go pirate it instead.

    • Paul

      Where is this 'game I haven't played' BS coming from? It's freely downloadable from the NZ store! Play it for yourself and see how much it blows. No time trial, no practice laps, no true multiplayer, retarded AI focused on damaging you, ridiculous wait times and the amount you have to change oil is bonkers, and the payment costs are horrendous.

      • kristoferjones

        He means the 'general' group of commenters have not played the game but are willing to pass judgement on quality of experience, regardless.

        Then again, many players claim they will purchase a game at a upfront cost but few actually follow through, so it is a huge challenge for developers.

      • demod1

        Sounds to me like you may just stink at this game. It's excellent. I've been playing nearly non stop since it came out. Living it. For free I might add.

  • Paul

    Save money by not bothering with it. Put 20 hours into this game now and it 12 hours of it was waiting. S****y system.

    • MidianGTX

      To be fair, 8 hours of free gaming is a better deal than most games on the App Store.

      • Dams

        it's not free when you lose 12 hours of your time unless your time has no value ...

      • Eli Hodapp

        I don't know dude, judging by how endlessly people will complain about this game I'm pretty certain valuing time highly is not on the list of things many folks seem to care about if comments are any indication.

      • PureRumble

        Ur comment is plain stupid and a bit offensive too

        U should apologize!

      • PureRumble

        Lots of people value their time highly, and decide to spend some of it on engaging in discussions that interest them

        Ur comment is just an insult towards those that are of an opinion that doesnt fit what u believe and think. Given that u run this place and are editor-in-chief u should know that a bit more is expected of u


      • cuw

        No one should expect a higher standard to be upheld by the "editor in chief" to think that he isn't beyond frustrated with the endless tirade of whining on his website would to think that he isn't human. Also if you expect an apology from someone on the Internet saying a thing you don't like you might want to find a safe space and curl up in the fetal position while everyone there tells you everything you do and say has merit and isn't just drivel.

      • PureRumble

        ... comment... unintelligent... no substance... ignored!

      • classicrockme

        Always knew you were an asshole.

      • iqSoup

        ELI STOP MAKING SENSE!!! JUST STOP!!! Don't you understand--we want to post mindless rants about how freemium sucks and then post them again and again so that everyone in the world has read them multiple times!!!

      • Karzay

        Way to stay professional.

      • cuw

        Why are you holding him to a higher standard than the commenters on the site? IMO professional would be just shutting down comments on any article dealing with this game and leaving them to the forums where a real moderation team can deal with morons regurgitating arguments. His job description is not "please everybody with happy statements" so get over yourself, or if you find it so distracting just stop visiting his site and indirectly paying his bills.

      • Karzay


        Interesting perspective, but if you don't see the value of good business ethics, then there would be very little left to gain by discussing it. You either believe in the practice of standards or you don't. Although we don't see eye to eye on this particular topic, I do appreciate you taking the time to write and expressing your opinion. Thank you so much for your response and your continued support.


        I tend to be a little too straight forward, but I think the above comment is a lot nicer than insulting you and asking you to not visit this site anymore. What do you think?

      • menom

        Unlike the people who play like and play freemium games who clearly have very busy lives

        Yeah right

        The average age has to be <11yrs

      • Dams

        I assume that coming from a guy who's paid to play all the day freemium game and other shit, this is kind of a compliment right ?

      • famousringo

        I've known for a while that you had no respect for your readership, but I'm baffled by how you frequently denigrate your own web site as a pointless waste of time. Why not find something valuable to do and stop hating yourself?

      • jamespr

        What are you sitting in a dark room staring at your iPhone waiting for the timers to finish?

      • Don Quirin

        Guess what? It is not illegal to launch or play a different iOS game while you impatiently await repairs in Real Racing 3.
        You could go outside, attend anger management courses, focus on moving out of your parent's house or work on losing your virginity. The world is your oyster. Shuck it!

      • MidianGTX

        So you're telling me the spare 12 hours he had that didn't involve playing a game on his phone were wasted? How do you know what he did exactly? 12 hours is easily enough time to save a child from a burning building.

  • Woody Jang

    Just Google iFunbox real racing 3 infinite money, trust me

  • mrholder

    Sounds like too much work for a game.

    • bones boy

      I know right? I just wanted to race.

  • MidianGTX

    I think I messed up somehow. I was trying to get a second car as soon as possible, but the big money only seemed to roll in when I got a trophy, and I got to the point where I couldn't afford a new car but my current one wasn't powerful enough to keep earning trophies. I was forced to keep upgrading just to continue earning money and my balance just never went high enough.

    • Brady

      The way the game matches you up with opponents is a bit dumb. One method that seems to work for me is intentionally throwing the race and doing a rather slow and crappy, but careful run so I won't need to repair my car. Next time you play, the opponents should be a bit easier and you have a better shot at the trophy.

  • nizy

    A tip I'd add that I posted in the forums earlier today is to try and achieve 25, 50, 75 and 100% completeness on any series you have access to. Each car has access to at least 2 series. At each % you get a great bonus of both gold and cash, increasing at each %. For instance 100% completing the 1st series earned me $15,000 and 15 gold and 75% was $10,000 and 10 gold.

  • Vladimir Kotelnikov

    I miss those days when we had to pay for the game to enjoy it without interruption. This whole free2play system is the one thing that kills the joy of playing the game.

    • cuw

      Freemium has existed since the dawn of gaming. Arcades were freemium and the majority of pc games were shareware which is nothing more than IAP to unlock the rest of the game.

      • Karzay

        How were arcades freemium? Do you mean you could walk in the door for free and pay if you wanted to play? You really have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Danny Perski

        It was similar to freemium, that's for sure.

      • Karzay

        Arcades similar to freemium? No. Either you don't fully understand the freemium business model or you haven't been to an arcade. Arcades are pay to play.

      • Don Quirin

        What the heck are cuw and Danny Perski talking about when they refer to arcade gaming as "freemium?"
        Back in the day, I had to work pretty hard to walk into any arcade with a ten dollar roll of quarters.

        The only other person that thinks that way is my 18-month old boy, who happens to live in a home littered with at least seven coin-op machines.

        Perhaps I should take the machines off "free play."
        That way he could avoid embarrassment once he learns to contribute information on the Internet.

        Seriously, am I missing their point? Please enlighten me.

      • Vladimir Kotelnikov

        If only freemium where about unlocking game with IAP, that would be not that bad, but freemium is about geeting as much money from you as possible on a constant basis, not once.

  • accidentaldesign

    "… you will enjoy the game alot more when you have 3 or more cars"

    This excerpt describes exactly what is wrong with the freemium model. I don't know how a developer can feel good about a business model that compromises the fun factor of their game.

    • MidianGTX

      I think it can go either way. Pay a premium price for instant fun, or persevere with the wait on a freemium model and then get fun for nothing. Assuming that after acquiring 2-3 cars the game is balanced enough to not have to worry about timers, it's not a bad deal for anyone with a bit of patience.

      In this case I'd rather have paid a premium though, as I'm having difficulty getting over the initial hurdle. It could have worked far better than it does.

      • accidentaldesign

        Which is exactly the compromise. I don't know how a game creator can be happy about their customers feeling nickel-and-dimed when they realise that the real fun resides behind a paywall. A compromise that likely the game creator wished didn't exist but is entirely in the interests of the publisher.

      • nizy

        The point is the vast majority of people who play freemium games obviously don't think like that. If they did it wouldn't work as a business model.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Yep, the lion's share of the people who download and enjoy RR3 will be like, "This is amazing! Look at these graphics!!!"

      • Connector

        Yes, the graphics, driving, and content are very good.

      • farnsworth_pro

        And then they will go back to listening to the new bieber CD wondering when their beloved farmville will make a comeback. Good thing they've got our backs and are funding the healthy business practices this industry has developed!!!

        "The best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter"

        -Winston Churchill

      • menom

        The vast majority of people in the world are schmucks

        Go figure

      • Brady

        For what it's worth, you can buy the regular game currency as well, so you can pay a premium to get over exactly that hurdle. I'm not sure how much that'd run you because I just did it the cheapskate way, though.

      • Peter B. Schaufuss

        Just buy one of the packs and you have multiple cars instantly. That way you have paid for the game (but less than normal) and can enjoy it right away. Or, just wait it out at first (that's what I did) and have it for free.

        I've already had hours of fun. I have 8 cars and I'm up to level 30 - all without spending a dime!.

    • nightc1

      In all fairness that's the point of freemium. To get the casual gamers to blow as much money as possible on bypassing wait timers and other stuff. It works, so they are going after that market instead of serious gamers because at the end of the day it is about making money, not fun games. So gamers that really want to play this badly have to figure out a way to trick their way through the system in place meant to addict you and get every dollar you're willing to throw at a game to progress. I'd imagine a few of the devs behind this probably hate it but at the end of the day they are all after a paycheck.

      • Connector

        Yeah, down with wait timers!!!

  • Connector

    Wow, I am famous! :)

    • FilipAGuy

      LOL me too :)

      • JagerBombS

        Awwwww yeeeaaah!

      • Hoggy110

        Guys...Internet high five time

      • Connector

        We are the TA studs! High five!!!

  • Dams

    You know a game is wrong once you start to see news like this...

  • regkilla

    I have a better tip: Don't play Real Racing 3 at all.

  • lordyokomoto

    Gone live in uk App Store ;). 740mb download but is taking an age to install

  • agentblank

    The fact that you needed to make this article shows how bad it is.

  • Applejack

    *sigh* I would have paid good money to buy the game and play it the way I want rather than download it for free and play it the way the publishers want me to. Timers do not add to the fun, they only take away from it.

  • Jet_Black

    This sounds like an awful lot of effort & work around for what is essentially just a driving game. I don't mind tactics & car management but this just seems all wrong, the freemium business model looks to have broken what should have been an amazing sequel. I'll go back and play the original instead & just wonder what could have been with real racing 2... EA's hand in this game has ruined it, what a waste of time waiting this long for nothing.

  • vic_viper_001

    Meh, I'll be enjoying some nice Jet Car Stunts instead!

    • bones boy


      • vic_viper_001

        It's the verbal equivalent to a shrug of the shoulders... used to indicate indifference or when one simply doesn't care.

  • Leslie Kwan

    Playing games is all about having fun. This doesn't sound like fun. Sounds more like work.

  • GSport

    R.I.P. Real Racing 3...

  • cherleys23

    The game is out in eu ;)

  • Pray For Death

    The game had the potential to be amazing. It's clear that a great deal of effort went into creating all the assets, and the final product oozes quality.

    A pity that they chose to pair it with a timer-based IAP system that severely hampers gameplay.

  • bones boy

    I think I'm going to just play the stupid game really loudly and enjoy myself and and try to drown out the freemium voices in my head.

  • cherleys23

    Can any GM put a download link from toucharcade ? Thanks!!!!!!!

  • ImJPaul

    Reading this made my dick hurt.

  • menom

    I predict that all the people who defend freemium games will download RR3 and spend hundreds of £s / $s having wing mirrors and sparklugs repaired - otherwise they are clearly trolling.

    (in response to the specious suggestion that you have no right to declare an objection to freemium games unless you buy each and every full priced game ever sold for iOS.)

  • jallenwse

    Graphically the best game to ever be released on iOS!! Unfortunately I don't play games just for graphics

  • Mountain872

    NEWS FLASH! Did you guys know if you live in the US and click on the New Zealand app store link at the bottom of the article you can download the game right now?

  • alebar15

    Thanks for the tips. For my tips: I would rather maximise the upgrades on each car, keep up the repairs handy, and buy the best car money you can buy in each class. The race is about the best driver who knows handle the road terrains not the fastest achiever.

  • tarek

    Living in Australia I already played RR3 and a few days ago finally removed it from my iPad. There are some good points, the graphics are brilliant, the racing is somewhat fun and the tracks are brilliant. (Loved the Melbourne one!)

    But eventually I couldn't get past the interruption to continuity from the repair wait times. Even short times (approx 1 min) wear thin after the 50th time. It's just annoying to be honest.

    And the bigger thing I found is that by NOT paying for the game, and by actively avoiding paying the freemium requirements, I ended up feeling no loyalty or ties to the game or experience. It might sound weird but if I spend money on a game I actually feel obliged and loyal to that game experience. With RR3 it just feels empty, and maybe that is my own failing, or a combination with the free model of the game.

    Either way, I've moved on from RR3. There are plenty of other games and activities that I can indulge on my iPad. Over all, it was a pity really. Oh well.

  • Mister Bump

    Airplane Mode and moving the clock deals with the timers. Unfortunately it doesn't take long to realise the game behind the timers just isn't very good. It may have flashy graphics, but it's no RR2.

  • jason

    i cant speak for the rest of you but, in my opinion this game is fine as is, i mean yes the freemium is a real pain to have to wait but, at least its free, i guess if ur gonna sit on ur phone and play games all day then yes this is not for you, but maybe if you have 30 mins here and there say between work travel, and maybe a bit at night u do not even notice this, i had the game for a few days now on ipad mini and have 5 cars and enough cash and credits to allow me to play at will, i would however think that in the interests of equality maybe offer these types of games on a buy it now type offer where by the user has a choice to either download this free as it is now, and play randomly, or a buy it now price thus bypassing the stupid times for the more serious gamer, everybody then wins.

  • MrAlbum

    I am torn with the whole "premium is better than freemium" idea. As a PC gamer, 9/10ths of everything is premium, with a few minor success stories with freemium MMOs.

    Premium has its own problems. Let's say that you buy a game that every review in the world says is awesome sauce in a nuclear silo. And it costs $60 to play this allegedly amazing game. The game is a genre you enjoy. You like the story concept from the reviews, you like the combat system described by them, so you take the plunge.

    And you hate the game.

    You have 2 options: demand a refund, which is problematic and kinda hard to do with most companies, even indies, or uninstall the game and never think about it again.

    Even if you love the game, most games last 4 or more hours. Most PCs are not mobile, and even laptops are not exactly convenient. So you're sitting in the same spot for 4 or more hours playing your highly priced game that you MIGHT like. You COULD hate it. Sure, you do not HAVE to play the game in one session, but it still takes roughly that amount of time to complete. And you HAVE to sit in that one spot to play the game.

    It's no wonder that a lot of gamers find it hard to finish the premium games that they pay over 600 percent more than most iOS games. It's a hassle to play them, and it could end up a crapshoot.

    Sure, this sounds more like "PC SUX", but that feeling often worsens when you have to pay so much more on something that could suck. If the game is FREE, there is no (initial) financial risk. That means that having no obligation to pay to play is less stressful, and thus helps the game be more enjoyable to play.

    This is how I see things. And this is the argument I make based off of this perspective: Freemium causes less stress, and gives you the choice of what you pay, when you pay it, and IF you pay it. That freedom is not found in premium.

    No business model is truly perfect.

    Putting up with some timers is a good compromise from that perspective :/

    • Mister Bump

      To play this game like most people would play a game of this type on other platforms (or indeed how I and others played RR2) you would need to spend literally hundreds of dollars. To take your analogue one step further, it's as if that $60 Xbox game ended up costing you $600 once you realised that you actually liked it. I would rather spend $10 on a game and find I don't like it than find a 'free' game I like and be asked to pay hundreds to play it!

      If EA were worried people would be put off by the price they could release a fucking demo - that's how most people decide to buy console games. This isn't them being nice and saving us the bother of paying for games we don't like - this is a cynical and calculated attempt to make the most amount of money possible, no matter the harm. And by harm I mean harm to the industry as a whole, especially the mobile industry, which seems poised to spiral into chaos .

  • Jacopo Chiapparino

    I hate this new business model. But in the era of "I want it for free" this is the only way developers can get some money in.
    Not to mention that this model must be working as the gamers are dumb enough to pay gazillions of $ to "play better"!

  • Inaba-kun

    The fact that you need to do this just to make the game vaguely function, shows what a massively broken model free to play is. Broken from a gameplay standpoint, which is the only thing that matters.

    It's a cancer on gaming, and it needs to die.

  • Pika

    First of all, i didn't play the game nor read the review yet, but as far as i understand, the difficulty autosets according to the lap times of the first race(s)...

    So i'm just wondering: if i win first easy races with a tiny gap over the stupid ai, will the game be waaaay more easy?

    I know this can sound just like cheating or play a game without a good reason, but i think it could be a well worth method to easily get some cars and and bucks, at least for the first events...

    What do you think? Could this be a valid workaround or ai is increasing anyway?

    Sorry for my english ^_^

  • Voltage97

    What's a really good option of the second car to buy?

  • waqas1755

    i have the biggest tip ever, you hate it when you have to repair your car such as oil changing, suspension etc, well i have a solution for android users, when you get given a time eg 10 minutes to repair your car, simply go to your android settings and on date and time and remove the options use INTERNET time or automatic INTERNET timezone, unclick both of them and set your time higher like 10 mins above and go back to the game and check it will be done instantly, if it doesn't work then turn wifi off and it will definitely work

  • theanimaster

    I just did the jailbreak hack and now the game feels ... CHEAP. There's no thrill of saving up for the next upgrade/next car now. But damn... I got a REAL good idea of the time it would take for you to finish the game WITHOUT cheats!!!

    Still... I wish I could go back. I don't feel like playing the game now that I can get absolutely everything. No jockeying between cars... no figuring out which event to go to next while waiting for my other cars to be serviced. No more "just one more race..." feeling. What have I done??

    I should have backed up my device BEFORE the hack. Now my original cars are tainted... all that hard, genuine work...

    Well... let's see if I can't use the reset button...

  • Robert Miller

    im not sure what all these dudes are complaining about, I think this game is the shit... sure, you wait around some while stuff happens but you can use other cars while thats happening. its like Gran Turismo for my iPod... its sick

  • Michiel van den Boogaart

    I don't see the problem. People are complaining that they have to wait. So what, it's not like you have to be there for the waiting. I have 4 cars now, and can easily continue to race. Haven't spent a single dime, all my cars are fully upgraded and I'm almost at buying my first 100.000 car. Couple of hours in.

  • t_h_o_r

    If you'd like, add me (Game Center): t_or

  • disqus_Rxs7ewhuiM

    What people are saying is stupid, this game is not pay to play. I no what they said up there but it is not worth cutting across the grass.

  • Ed Schirra

    Jamarohn, nobody owns software. It's not yours to own. I know what you mean, you want to buy it with everything included. It kind of defeats the purpose of this game since the game is based somewhat on life. I say somewhat cause its not completely real. ironic title. No pit lanes (please). No real based climb up any performance tables, no rain or hot sun effects on engines, no bits on track to avoid, no dumb driver errors, all AI cars drive perfectly etc. etc. But fir a free game (that hopefully promotes a all up pay one, one day) this ain't bad. You earn money for being the best. You score points as you race. I find it gets more and more challenging. I made it all the way to seven cars including two Porsches and a McClaren, paying not one penny. So I am proof it can be done. I simply didn't spend my golds and waited out the timing on repairs or upgrades, raced the 15k and 20k prize games time andtime again and, to beat the unfair non-qualifying element absence in the ame that places you at the bam every time, I fight that one by accelerating hard on the edges and outer verges on the inside using AI cars to slam into on corners. This keeps you on the track at corners at speed and most times puts them out the race. I also wasted a few races to perfect kicking faster head to head cars off the track soon as possible on the first bend. Leaving you to get miles ahead. These sorts of tactics gives you a lot more money and a lot more cars. Good racing and go get the AI's and knock em out if they won't get out your way. Happy racing. x Ed

  • Bj55434

    Can I sell back my car?

  • Austin Ivey

    Real Racing 3 for Android nextbook can you sell cars