In case you didn't know, Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes creator NimbleBit has been working on a new game, as studios generally do after they wrap up super successful projects. It's called NimbleQuest, and it's probably not the game you'd figure would be the Next Big Thing from a studio that has basically mastered simulation games.

In brief, NimbleQuest is Snake, except on steroids. In the game, you control a conga line of fantasy adventurers, and, with a combination of ranged and melee attacks, you battle it out across a variety of settings against archers, skeletons, bats, and a whole lot more. Imagine if your old-school, traditional Snake snake could somehow attack incoming enemy snakes and you've got the picture. That's not quite Tiny Tower 2, right?

If you don't have the picture, we've got some moving ones below that'll definitely help you get your head around what NimbleQuest is all about. Before you hit play, we want to note that this is FOOTAGE FROM A GAME IN BETA. You'll see a few points where the video out functionality stumbles specifically, which is something we're sure will be addressed when the game is actually a thing that everyone can play. In other words, don't worry.

Anyway, NimbleQuest should be out soon, if the stability and polish of this beta are saying anything. Also, did you hear that music? That's Whitaker Trebella of Polymer [$2.99] fame. Cool tunes, bro! In fact, high-fives all around; this game is rad. Oh, and another super-sweet thing about NimbleQuest is you can actually upload game replays to the internet. Check out what people have been uploading here to get a look at folks who are way better at video games than we are.

  • Bool Zero

    Reminds me of Call of Snake, but with a cool RPG twist! Interested!

    • REkzkaRZ

      It's *very similar* to 'Call of Snakes' in look, feel, and play - CoS has different characters too. But this is tweaked to have RPG flavor.

      I played CoS forever, and this game plays so similarly. Looking fwd to it, think the idea has a lot of merit.

      Just waiting for the scifi version, particularly the CyberPunk / NetHacker version! Ha

      Thanks for not calling this a 'rogue-like' -- so over people misusing that term!

    • nightc1

      Yeah, u was thinking the same thing. Call of Snakes is such an awesome game. I guess for free I'll give this a shot.

  • Silent Rocco

    The first NimbleBit game I'm interested in.

    • Bool Zero

      Well not knocking them (i genuinely do like their other games) but it is the first game from them with actual gameplay involved and not just a graphical spreadsheet game of sorts! It is a welcome change of pace to have a game with "involved" gameplay for a change!

      • CioCio

        Not really true on account of their line of games before going freemium. I was obsessed with Textropolis for quite a while, really. But yeah, glad they're changing it up. Pocket Planes never hit home with me the same way that Tiny Tower did

  • Mirkwood

    This is such a weird game coming from them

  • jclardy

    Looks pretty sweet. I've liked the other NimbleBit games in the past, but overall they ended up feeling more like a chore with the constant notification reminders so I stopped playing them pretty quickly.

    It seems this one has a pretty interesting game mechanic, can't wait to try it out.

  • mrTofu

    Looks like another hit

  • Tatiana

    Yayy you got Bones! Hilarious run through. Game looks so much fun, especially with my previously unhealthy obsession with snake. I'm definitely gonna download this one.

    • HadToDoItToEm

      His main man Bones

  • briforge

    reminds me of Realm of the Mad God; wonder if there was any inspiration there

  • David Markowitz

    LOL, such a funny video to watch, but fun looking game too.

  • alienwerkshopp

    Dominic Gonzalez this is for you. I love you and I hope you are doing well... I miss you so much. Can you write me back please? Robbin

  • Corky McButterpants

    'Look at me avoiding things; being smart...' >_<

  • Herman van Boeijen

    Looks great fun! Here's hoping for bossfights.

    And oh, -1 for the usage of "buffs" - it's a term I *never* like seeing in games. Really, when you see that used in a game it's a black omen for w.o.w. inspiration in all the wrong ways. I love me some RPG elements thrown in games that previously had none (Dungeon Raid, anyone?) - but using "buffs" is just uninspired. It feels like unlocks. Why were they locked in the first place? ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sunshine

    This was a particularly hilarious episode of the Brad and Eli show. I genuinely have felt no sorrier for any living being this week than I did for Eli in this video.

    If Sarah McLachlan saw this, you'd already be in a really really sad commercial begging people for help.

    • Boobi


  • youngjoon

    Looks like a lot of fun. The TA Plays are getting better and better too, really love the dynamic.

  • Boobi

    Game looks great I like the must move at 60 mph or die mechanic. If it plays as good as it looked in the video I will be losing lots of free time. Any word if it will be cloud synced?

  • sweetdiss

    +1 for iCloud sync!

  • Nycteris

    That may have been my favorite TA Plays ever.

  • abodi

    Game looks game. And a real game at that.

  • dwerny

    Best TA plays ever. This game looks awesome.

  • Guest

    Looking forward to picking this up!

  • LCB12321

    They totally jacked this idea from magic cube's call of snakes...I remember them going into this big hissyfit when everyone was copying tiny tower. I guess there is a small possibility they don't know of call of snakes but either way.....

    • SpudWreck

      At least they are expanding on call of snakes. The tiny tower ripoff was almost the same, just different graphics i believe?

  • PassiveCarrot

    You guys are so hilarious! I love these videos. This game looks sweet, but pretty challenging.

  • vicsark

    Great TA plays guys, looking forward to NimbleQuest.
    I like the idea of only the 100 best guild members counting for the crew score.
    If Nimblebit bros are watching, why not do this in Pocket Planes also? This would make competition more interesting in the global events ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • furushotakeru

    No cloud sync as of right now. Unclear whether it will be added in the future.