The TouchArcade Show – 92 – Just Stuff Some Socks in There

This week on The TouchArcade Show, we go deep on this week’s biggest piece of news: the Sony PlayStation 4 reveal. Or, at least, we talk about its system specs, how it’ll work with the iPhone and iPad, and how it stacks up with our expectations. If this isn’t so interesting to you, don’t worry, we do get around to iOS stuff. Year Walk leads off our games discussion, while titles like Backflip Madness and House of the Lost Mini bring up the rear. We also get to some industry news and answer your user comments and feedback.

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Anyway, this was a weird week because of a major console reveal but I think you’ll dig how we manage to relate it to our platforms of choice. Next week, it’ll be back to the same old, so look forward to that.

Here are your show notes: