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TA Plays: ‘NimbleQuest’ – It’s Like ‘Snake,’ But Way Cooler

In case you didn’t know, Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes creator NimbleBit has been working on a new game, as studios generally do after they wrap up super successful projects. It’s called NimbleQuest, and it’s probably not the game you’d figure would be the Next Big Thing from a studio that has basically mastered simulation games.

In brief, NimbleQuest is Snake, except on steroids. In the game, you control a conga line of fantasy adventurers, and, with a combination of ranged and melee attacks, you battle it out across a variety of settings against archers, skeletons, bats, and a whole lot more. Imagine if your old-school, traditional Snake snake could somehow attack incoming enemy snakes and you’ve got the picture. That’s not quite Tiny Tower 2, right?

If you don’t have the picture, we’ve got some moving ones below that’ll definitely help you get your head around what NimbleQuest is all about. Before you hit play, we want to note that this is FOOTAGE FROM A GAME IN BETA. You’ll see a few points where the video out functionality stumbles specifically, which is something we’re sure will be addressed when the game is actually a thing that everyone can play. In other words, don’t worry.

Anyway, NimbleQuest should be out soon, if the stability and polish of this beta are saying anything. Also, did you hear that music? That’s Whitaker Trebella of Polymer ($2.99) fame. Cool tunes, bro! In fact, high-fives all around; this game is rad. Oh, and another super-sweet thing about NimbleQuest is you can actually upload game replays to the internet. Check out what people have been uploading here to get a look at folks who are way better at video games than we are.