It's a good time to be an RPG fan on iOS. Not only has an updated and enhanced version of the classic '90s Bioware RPG Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition [$9.99] become available, but the 2008 Nintendo DS 3D remake of the original Final Fantasy IV is also coming to the App Store next week. Now, another classic RPG franchise, The Bard's Tale [$2.99], has gone free for a limited time.

The original Bard's Tale games were released on desktop computers as first-person style dungeon crawling RPGS in the '80s, but this iOS version is actually a 2004 reboot of the series that's completely done in 3D and follows a completely new story. It still harkens back to the original games in style, humor and tone though, and was critically acclaimed when it released almost 8 years ago. We thought the iOS version was pretty darn good in our review, and as a very cool bonus InXile Entertainment, who are responsible for this port, have added the original trilogy of The Bard's Tale games to the iOS version for free.

It's worth it to download The Bard's Tale for free just for that original trilogy if you were a fan of them back in the day, but the contemporary version of the game is also one of the better action RPGs I've played. It's never been free before, and I get the feeling this promotion won't last too long, so be sure to grab it at a discount while you can.

  • Daniel Neal

    Awesome! Thanks for the free games toucharcade

  • zapper

    Please add grand theft auto or infinity blade

  • Mark Robinson

    Wish i could have BUY the originals with out the 2004 remake hate it! and surely is a better way of implementing the control system without having to half the screen to accomodate keyboard controls, The worst case of bloatware i've ever seen 🙂

  • James Munroe

    Oh man, I wish this were available on a Windows platform!

    • Iain Ross

      James, just a heads up, you can get this via Steam, and jolly good it is too!

  • Manender Bana

    The Bard's Tale is an RPG with a great story line and its funny Just simply amazing and funny. Thanks