It was over a year ago that we first caught a glimpse of Bladeslinger, and were completely blown away by its stunning visuals. It was originally supposed to release later that year but word on the game fell silent, until this past March when we caught up with developer Kerosene Games and learned that Bladeslinger was still very much in production. Then late last month, Bladeslinger quietly launched in the Canadian App Store as a soft beta, so if you had access to a Canadian iTunes account you could get in on the action, for free no less.

Well, it looks like the beta period is over as Bladeslinger Ep.1 [$6.99] has just gone live in the US App Store. Oh, and it ain't free this time around, the game will run you the still very agreeable price of $2.99. Here's a brand new trailer for Bladeslinger to get you all pumped up for the release.

We're going to be putting Bladeslinger through its paces to see how it holds up, so check back with us soon to get the full skinny on this highly-anticipated title. Until then you can take the $3 gamble and download the game with the link below, or check in with our forum folk who are excitedly discussing Bladeslinger and offering impressions as I type this.

  • bashnasha

    Most awesome trailer ever, must have this game

  • diemer

    The triumphant return of the gunblade.

  • ducksFANjason

    Is it just me or do the movement animations seem a bit... awkward? Not necessarily the combat animations, more the walking animations.

    • philacity ultd

      I agree... Like a forward moon walk 😛 seems a little floaty


    Bought it. Played 10 minutes. Deleted. I appreciated attempts at innovation, but please give us multiple control options. I just can't play with the current controls, sorry.

    • monsieurfreeze

      (Runs perfectly on iPhone 5)

    • simplecreature

      Give it another try. The controls are actually great. They offer the opportunity to build real skill!

      • JBRUU

        Sorry, the controls just don't work for me. This is the first time I've had serious issues with controls for an iOS game to the point where I've stopped playing it. I just see ZERO reason why you cannot give us more options for controls. It isn't a matter of whether they work for you; it's a matter of giving your customers the ability to decide for themselves what works best for them. One size does not fit all for control options, my friend. Please listen to feedback and fix this minor issue so we can enjoy the game.

  • ianlogsdon

    Man, these graphics are pretty terrible.

  • B30

    So there is just one enemy type in this boring title?

    • simplecreature

      Keep playing! There are definitely some baddies that are tough and different late in Ch.2.

  • monsieurfreeze

    Got it in Europe too. Damn! This game is a total blast ! Wooooow ! I go back in game , thanx for the fresh link 🙂

  • Wikilix

    Honestly, I could stand the terrible "innovative" controls, but when I need to buy health potions every battle, it literally forces me to buy iAP.... Awful freemium game that gets boring fast and you have to pay for it.....

    Why can't they just develop games that cost $10+ with absolutely no iAP!? It's just annoying........

    • simplecreature

      You *definitely* do not need to spend money in this game to enjoy it or experience the full story. This is an odd complaint as well since the game is not freemium.

      • Guest

        True story. Senior designer on Bladeslinger here. The game is not

      • Thomas Buscaglia

        Wow, massive failure there on my part... I somehow removed my name from that post... Anyway, as I was saying, we didn't approach the game with the intention of forcing players to buy IAP. The option is just there for those who don't want to step up to the challenge. You can replay chapters if you want to build up some more currency and the healing items aren't expensive at all. We even separated the consumable item currency from the permanent upgrade currency so people wouldn't have to forego character progression if they were struggling. It's unfortunate that if the game had no IAP options, the challenge would be seen in a totally different light. When I struggle or die in DMC or Darksiders I see that as part of the fun, personally.

      • philacity ultd

        I really hope you guys work out the kinks , cause I was really looking forward to this for a long time now...and from the sounds of it, I won't be paying for a let down. That's to bad because I'm sure I'm not the only one whom will be doing the same. Please address the issues being brought up, and I can promise you - I will certainly buy it, as well as many others ^_- But the streets don't lie, and the word on the street is ----> Epic disappointment ... Instead of reinventing a wheel that works just fine the way it is, why not put some nice rims on
        And quit with the " IAP is there cause we're trying to be nice" bull. Get this - put all the IAP's you want - money grubbers - if you don't make a game that the general public likes , you lose pal.
        So tighten it up, and make some money - or don't. There's plenty of games that do get it right (`_´)ゞ

    • Jfilesguy

      Did you know that the TouchArcade team makes fun of people like you on the podcast EVERY week.

      Sorry if I'm sounding mean, but you probably wouldn't buy this if it was $10


      • Wikilix

        Actually, I've kind of always dreamt of actual games on devices, Nothing that involves complicated purchases, I would buy a game like this for $10
        After further playing the game, I've gotten used to grinding for Purchases. It's actually a better experience on my iPhone 4 instead of the iPad 2 (the first device I played it on).

        P.S. quit trolling sir.

  • FSK_VoRteX

    No future for iOS when there's IAP , just buy ps vita guys.

    • JBRUU

      PS Vita - hardware that's already been surpassed by the A6X, no killer games and prices that are 7x more expensive. No thanks.

    • Wikilix

      PS Vita is silly, Making "mini" versions of their ps3 games. iOS is finally establishing their own games that are much better then the vita's overpriced mini games.

    • themostunclean

      Wow dude, way off. iOS is the most popular mobile gaming platform ON THE PLANET. There have been more indie game studios founded in the past 3 years than total game studios since the original NES. If anything the Vita has no future, actually it was pretty much DOA.

      Sony just tries to carbon copy their consoles onto a handheld and with the Vita, instead of streamlining mobile gaming (which should be the whole point), they add several new input methods making the experience a total mess and knocked the battery life down by 30% (my brother can get 3 hours play if lucky). The Vita is powerful, but its barely mobile.

      Not to mention you can do hundreds of different things the Vita can't (or can barely do, eg web browsing).

      When Windows and Android finally pick up the slack the Vita will be a complete joke.

  • Scary Guns

    Wow. From free to $2.99. Thank god I downloaded when it was free.

  • qcfrogman

    quick question: I also downloaded when it was free but now the free version of the seems to have disappeared from the Canadian app store and there's only the Ep. 1 version for 2.99$. Does this mean no more updates for the free version?

  • WeezeMatic270

    Okay I made an account spin could express my opinion which means little to the dévs but O well. I really enjoyed the game when I first started then I had to fight to different monster and I had trouble switching from one to another. They attack so rapid I don't even have a chance to fight one because the other is already attacking me. But the game is great but not for me. If it was more of a push button game then I could digg it. I hope you update the controls because I really have waited for this game for awhile and have just stopped playing it until.

  • spawn12345

    Yeap the game definantly makes you want to buy IAP after playing for a while.
    You dont get enough coin after each fight for health potions and the monster are really hard because of the difficulty and because of the controls.
    If there are 2 mobs you cant see the second mob most of the time which is impossible to control when to dodge. And the instant attacks from mobs? Come on! Its made so you DO loose health every fight and MUST buy health potions and when you are out of coins?? Buy MORE for real money.

    I spent $3 on a IAP game.. I guess its my fault

    • themostunclean

      If you unlock unlimited "second wind" (or whatever their called) cards for 3 runes it makes healing in the battles much easier. You'll probably never need to buy tonic again and it's pretty cheap compared to other stuff. I think it's how the game was designed, it's just not very obvious that's what you're supposed to do. Completely peeved about the IAP too though. I'd rather pay $8 an episode than have to deal with that crud. You can get all the stuff through chapter replay but not everyone is an OCD grindaholic like me.

  • WeezeMatic270

    It shouldn't be that way. They should have took a page from Infinity Blade and made it were you get more coins for the fight and you find more stuff as coins, more green orbs, etc. I paid $2.99 expecting that this would be a good app and would get lots of play out of it. Hopefully they change this or make the game free like Dead Trigger and give the people who bought it some extra coin, Orbs and cards! I hate IAP purchases. I don't understand how they could ruin a great game like this. Hopefully the fix it.

  • hauntedshores

    Not compatible with iPod Touch 5?