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Warning: Secure Your Monocle Before Watching This ‘Bladeslinger’ Trailer

Yesterday we posted a great video on rapid prototyping in Unity, and among other comments came confusion as to why we’re focusing on Unity lately. This, my friends, is why. Aside from having a real cool company culture, Unity is powering some downright incredible iOS titles recently, and it’s only getting better. Anyway, Bladeslinger was announced mere moments ago, and the trailer has sent my monocle blasting off into space:

Watch that trailer. Seriously, just watch it. Then watch it again, make sure you’re viewing it in HD, and kick it into full screen. If Luma Arcade is to be believed, this is what it will look like on current-gen devices.

So what do we know about the game? Not a whole lot just yet, aside from a vague description and a bullet list of features. It’s a third person “action brawler" where players will be pitted against multiple enemies (at once, apparently) in both ranged and close quarters combat. It’s set in a dystopian future, which always is a great setting for a game, and comes packed with “intuitive touch controls" designed exclusively for touch-based devices. There’s said to be an engaging storyline that will play out through “hours of unique gameplay," and there’s even talk of high replay ability.

As far as release dates are concerned, Luma Arcade is sticking with the delightfully vague “Q4 2011", which hopefully will give me time to track down my monocle so it can blow right off my face again the next time they tease some more details on the game.