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Kerosene Games Answers the Question of “What the Heck Happened to ‘Bladeslinger’?”

If you’re anything like my roommate who asks me multiple times a week, “Whatever happened to that western-themed Infinity Blade?" …We now have an answer. Well, sort of. The “western-themed Infinity Blade" in question, if you weren’t around for its original reveal back in September of last year is Bladeslinger. Maybe the trailer will jog your memory:

It was originally slated for release in Q4 2011, which, for any of you playing along at home, has already passed. Communication with LumaArcade and excited players went dark, leaving the thread in our forums abandoned by anyone other than random people bumping it. The good news is that a representative from Kerosene Games (Bladeslinger’s publisher) recently dropped some details in that very same thread.

Here’s the cliffsnotes: The game has since become bigger and longer, and they’re doing some ultra-cutting edge stuff with Unity. A specific example cited was dynamic shadows on everything, which Infinity Blade II doesn’t even do. Good news for the anti-rails crew, the game itself isn’t on rails at all. Launch plans are still a little wishy washy, but they’re currently shooting for a May release.

The iPhone 4S, as well as the new iPad and iPad 2 will definitely be supported, and it sounds like they’re not making any promises but have their fingers crossed for iPhone 4 and O.G. iPad support.

So, there, that’s what happened to “that western-themed Infinity Blade."