When developers Madgarden and Rocketcat Games teamed up to create an iOS game, it seemed like a match made in heaven. Mashing together their collective skills in pixel art, humor, game design, and randomly generated levels resulted in Punch Quest [Free], one of the silliest and most satisfying action games to grace our touch screens.

It was also probably the most generous free-to-play title we've ever seen, offering a tremendous amount of fun to players and never rattling the change jar in your face in an obnoxious manner. We even noted in our review that we felt somewhat guilty getting so much for free, and were worried the developers might not see very much profit at all since the game's freemium structure was so hands-off. I mean, it was difficult to even find where the button was that let you buy in-game coins through IAP, which didn't bode well for Punch Quest.

Unfortunately, our fears were confirmed when in an interview with The Verge last month Kepa Auwae of Rocketcat Games dished about how the game had barely even passed the five figure mark in revenue, despite having more than 600,000 downloads. The developers were obviously thrilled to have a game that so many people were enjoying and playing, but you gotta keep the lights on somehow too, and Punch Quest just wasn't doing that for them.

In an update earlier this month, they tried to rectify the problem by tweaking the cost of in-game items and offering additional, more visible in-app purchase items. It worked briefly, but quickly tapered off. Kepa tells us, "The update improved things for like a few days, and then it sank, hard." Really, there was only one thing left to do, aside from increasing the in-game prices and curtailing the amount of coins your earn while playing to make it more of a grind: make it a paid game. "It's 99 cents or increase the price of everything by 8x or more, really.", Kepa states.

And that's where we're at, folks. As of now, if you're interested in downloading Punch Quest, it's going to cost you all of 99¢ to do so going forward. Kepa explained to us the reasons that led to this decision, "We did that last Punch Quest update that fixed a lot of the problems people pointed out when they gave for Punch Quest. More high end purchases, a coin doubler, a non-coins IAP option, a clearer buy button – didn't work. That leaves one simple thing: The game is way too generous to be a single currency free game."

In the end, I don't blame Madgarden or Rocketcat for their decision, and it seems almost silly to be apologetic about asking people to pay a dollar for a clearly fantastic game. This is the world of iOS gaming that we live in, though, and while free-to-play seems like the business model of the present and future for mobile gaming it's still a tough nut to crack. Making a great game and giving as much of it as possible to people for free still doesn't guarantee success, though Rocketcat isn't giving up on the idea of free-to-play just yet. Their upcoming Mage Gauntlet [$2.99] spinoff Mage Dungeon will be free-to-play, and I imagine they'll be using their Punch Quest experience to try and do things differently this time around. It'll be interesting to see how it turns out, and how Punch Quest going paid is received by gamers.

The alternative if things don't go better with Mage Dungeon, as Kepa stated in his interview at The Verge, is "...leaving mobile game development completely."

That is an alternative I hope I never have to see.

  • RushNY

    They definitely should have done this from the get go.  Best of luck to the bros.

    • http://twitter.com/TouchedWieners Tyler Piderit

      Agree. Game is so awesome. I would like to see the companies survive to create more products for our use 🙂

  • Rothgarr

    I bought the coin doubler if only to help support the team that made this. I got so much playtime out of it and it was free. I highly recommend this game.

    • Adams Immersive

      Good idea. I think I’ll grab the doubler too.

      I kind of like seeing a free IAP game go the conventional paid route. A refreshing change from the games that go the other way! Paid games becoming free + IAP, while it may be necessary to pay the rent, is a harder pill to swallow. I’ve been bitten by games I paid for suddenly locking me out and asking me to pay again. Punch Quest is the opposite of that! They let me download and play fully for free... and now the game goes paid but I still have it free 🙂

    • Sean Crotty

      Yep, I just did the same. They also have an option to just "donate a buck". I almost did that one. But then I thought, "Hmm for 99 cents more I'd get double coins!"  :^)

      • jweb04

        Why don't you donate a buck to a real charity dude

      • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

        How about he donates to whoever he wants to. FYI just cause its a "real charity" doesn't necessarily mean its a worthier cause.

      • andsoitgoes

        Oh get off it. Why do we buy anything? Lets just live in a single bedroom and donate all our money to charity.

        These guys busted their butts to make an amazingly stellar game and are floundering, giving the, money to help out isn't charity. It's what they DESERVE.

      • Alex

        I mean look at it however you want. It's simple economics, we are voting with our money. Great ideas about the "donating a buck" thing and doubler. Good luck to the developers.

        For anyone that doesn't understand how hard it is to develop a compelling game, watch "Indie Game" on instant Netflix. After that you'll have a lot more sympathy.

      • Alex

        I mean look at it however you want. It's simple economics, we are voting with our money. Great ideas about the "donating a buck" thing and doubler. Good luck to the developers.

        For anyone that doesn't understand how hard it is to develop a compelling game, watch "Indie Game" on instant Netflix. After that you'll have a lot more sympathy.

    • http://twitter.com/MarkEightThree MarkEightThree

       I honestly had no idea this coin doubler existed. I think that's part of the problem, the IAP's weren't made very clear. I purchased the coin doubler in addition to paying the original $1 for Jetpack Joyride and even though the game has gone F2P, I still don't regret it.

  • Scape3d

    Glad I grabbed this before it went to a paid version!

    • ingl0rius

      Why? You don't think they deserve money for such an amazing game?

      • http://twitter.com/mguniverse Danny Perskinstein

        They didn't ask for money, and now they have slumping revenue. 

    • Tranceaholic

      At least buy the Coin Doubler to give them some support if you really like their game!

  • jar0d

    I got to on day one and even bought the rocketcat IAP to support the devs. The update was great. The response to the coin doubler and also the donate a buck option was clever. However I am sorry of that didn't lead to the results they were hoping for. Perhaps it would have been better to offer the game for a buck from the beginning on. But how could somebody knew that beforehand? Keep up the good work. I have every single rocketcat game and I also bought IAPs to support the devs on almost every one of them.

  • louisa

    Glad they have decided to charge a minimum .99 for such a fantastic game. Why not 1.99? Surely people would pay this for one gf the very best games out there. Wish them luck and hope they won't be quite so generous in the future. How much money I have spent on some pretty lousy game iap in the past...now this great game comes along and the debs are losing money? Thanks and please give us more of your collaborative work. It produces great gaming for all of us. Even people like me who are far from "serious" as most on this forum are.

  • Pocketnova

    Arrgggggggh, why are people not buying IAP?? The game is so FRICKING amazing!! If rocketcat games leaves, I might just go with them, if this is the games are going to be, it is just bad.

    • Greyskull

      I only spend real money on game expansions. I'm too old to convert my dollars to "coins", "crystals", smurfberries", what have you. You can't restore consumable iaps. Updates can adjust the value of consumable iaps. I will spend my money on goods, not on virtual currency. If someone proposed trading you pixel-based "currency" for greenbacks 10 years ago, you would have smacked them in the face for trying to pull such an amateurish con-job on you. Might as well spend money on a time-share or pyramid scheme. I mean no offense to the devs. To all those pursuing virtual currency models, though, I have one thing to say: Good luck keeping the kids' attention. Those who value ownership of our purchased media ain't going to change, even if that eventually means quitting video gaming. Just means more money for camera equipment, bass strings, booze, and loose women.

    • rodgerodger

      Why? Because there is no need to. Last I checked Rocketcat was a business, not a charity. While I have no problems spending money on these games, I'm not giving them money out of the kindness of my heart. If what they have isn't working, they need to change their business plan. Which is exactly what it sounds like they are doing.

    • http://twitter.com/murderface79 murderface79

      Why? Why for progress on the game with IAP cost 50$, or you play the game for three years for arrived at 200.000 punchos, and another three years for another 200.000.

    • nightc1

       I never buy IAP and never plan to and I've bought plenty of games on iOS.  I will buy a game if I'm interested in it if it has IAP but doesn't require it to finish the game..., but I don't buy expansions and I don't buy coin doublers and other stuff like that... it just seems like a waste of money when I could buy a complete game experience to begin with that isn't hinging on wearing me down to the point that I may cave in on the IAP (which I never plan to and will delete the games that do).

  • Michael Goren

    While I enjoyed Punch Quest, it has little replay value to hold interest for more than a day or two. These endless games have no ending, and after a while the "high point" thing runs out of steam. And while a quick fix, a new hat, or a new offensive/defensive technique, does little to make the game more than a point hunt. I see this as a huge problem with freemium games (especially endless runner types), and a major reason I shy away from the IAP route. 

    That said, punchquest is a fun game and it deserves a few $ as it kept me occupied for longer than a cup of coffee. 

    I'd personally rather pay more money for more flushed out gaming experiences.

  • Dams

    That's what happens when you trust people... I bought the coin doubler too.

    • ducksFANjason

      Why is this a problem for you? You still have the game and it cost you no money (except the money you elected to spend on the coin-doubler). It's not like they deleted your game. I'm not sure how they are handling the transition on this (leaving the app and just changing its price to $.99 or pulling the game and launching a "new" app at that price) but either way, this doesn't harm you. Even if they removed the old app, you still have it in your library.

    • Dams

      Asking for a "clearer buy button", lamest excuse ever for not buying a stuff...

    • ducksFANjason

      BTW, I just realized that your comment could have been pointing out that this is what happens to the DEVS when THEY trust people and not (as I had originally read it) a complaint about how this is what happens when YOU trust people (meaning the devs are now screwing you). If that's the case, ignore my above comment. However, if you were complaining about the devs "screwing you" with this move then please refer back to my comment above and read it again with all the frustration it implies. 😀

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/K4AFEBPIHBYGQHKOWC56UHGHYA Pete M

    I'm sad to hear this game hasn't raked in as much $$$ as intended.  One of the best games out there made by some great developers (who I hope continue making mobile games).  I threw about $5 towards this one with IAPs but it is worth more than that IMO.

  • holyghostx

    While I enjoyed Punch Quest, it has little replay value to hold interest for more than a day or two. These endless games have no ending, and after a while the "high point" thing runs out of steam. And while a quick fix, a new hat, or a new offensive/defensive technique, does little to make the game more than a point hunt. I see this as a huge problem with freemium games (especially endless runner types), and a major reason I shy away from the IAP route. 

    That said, punchquest is a fun game and it deserves a few $ as it kept me occupied for longer than a cup of coffee. 

    I'd personally rather pay more money for more flushed out gaming experiences.

    • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick

      For you it doesn't, it's kept me going for days and days. It's been more appealing than jetpack joyride on a long term basis.

      But the big question that I have when people say they don't like this game is whether or not they do or don't like the style.

      I think you'd fine that this style would not appeal as much to them, where for me although the style isn't one that generally lasts that long on my device, this has kept my interest.

      • Benjamin Rodriguez

        idk I feel the same way as holy. No offense to anyone, but in my opinion endless runner games are pretty boring. I'm definitely into games that have more tangible depth, not just the illusion of depth. You can strap weapons, upgrades, new characters, skills, explosions, boss fights. While mildly more interesting, the fact remains that genre of endless runner just isn't my cup of tea, nor others, no matter how pretty you make it look.

        So I wouldn't say style, unless something innovative gets added into it, punch quest was as is going to remain deleted after 5 mins of gameplay.

      • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick

        You need to hear what you're saying.

        "I hate endless runners "

        This is an endless runner style that shakes it up like jetpack joyride.

        That said, if you don't like endless runners, of course you won't like this as it IS, at its most basic, an endless runner.

        Like I said, if you hate rap, why would you listen to a rap album regardless of how well respected or reviewed it is.

  • Brian Schreck

    Provide value and charge money for it. I hope to see more companies adopting this business model.

  • Phoenix24

    Everyone who got the game for free should at least tip the developer the $.99 thanks which incidentally give you a freebie to customise your character. Like a number of posters here, I bought the coin doubler, which helps progression in the game and also is a fair price to pay for this game. I am usually one to avoid games with IAP however these guys make awesome games and I want them to make more. Come on guys, surely we can all spare a dollar for a game of this quality.

  • dancj

    I can't be completely surprised. What surprises me more is how games like Jetpack Joyride ever manage to make a profit. Maybe you get the occasional person buying an IAP just to show support, but must people actually want something for their money and in-game-currency isn't it. Worthwhile IAPs would be things like extra levels - but that doesn't fit the 'endless' style games.

  • Tim Cant

    I can't wait until they start paying me to play iOS games.

  • Anova

    I didn't pay for the game because I thought it was boring. Storm the Train got my $2 for the coin doubler after a day.

  • araczynski

    not to be mean, but i couldn't stand 20 seconds of the above trailer, let alone want to dedicate valuable space to it on my overfilled ipad.  

    just because 600k people download something, doesn't mean 600k love it for more than a minute (unless of course their gameplay metrics show otherwise).

    i don't believe any ios game that takes itself as a serious game (as opposed to merely an IAP delivery mechanism) should ever be released/go to 'free'.  charge a buck for it, if that's too steep for someone, just tell em to GTFO. you're trying to run a game company, not the red cross.

    • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick

      Wow, you are a jaded, incredibly cynical and you seem like an incredibly unfun person. The fact thy you have 9 upvotes makes me incredibly sad.

      Rocketcat was trying something different. Previously they'd set their prices on the higher side, so here they went the Radiohead of IOS routes and sadly proved that the majority of iOS gamers aren't willing to buy currency to pay to developer.

      The fact that you couldn't even be bothered to try the game says a lot. It may not be your style, but you're basing a judgement on no experience.

      For me, this game is excellent. It's one of the most enjoyable gameplay experiences I've had in an incredibly long time.

      I'm interested in knowing what games you do like.

  • ducksFANjason

    Keep in mind that just because it was downloaded 600,000 times, doesn't mean 600,000 people are playing it... I downloaded it, and found it kind of boring, so I didn't continue and didn't buy IAP as a result. I can't be the ONLY person with that experience. Others may have downloaded it and not even tried it yet or may never try it (due to a backlog of games).

    Also, this whole "freemium" model carries with it some interesting psychological aspects that work negatively against them. Psychology studies have shown that consumers tend to value their purchases in a directly proportional relationship with how much money they spent to acquire said product. Essentially- the more you pay for something - the more likely you are to enjoy it. What does that lead one to believe about the level of enjoyment one would get out of a game that's free? And if that free game is relying on the consumer to enjoy a game so much that they'll then ELECT to spend money on the game, they're sort of fighting a losing battle from the start.

    I'm not saying that's why this game has failed to bring money in, but it's interesting to think about it. Also, the freemium model tends to do best with ultra-casual "Facebook"-type games. This game doesn't have that feel to it. It's got retro pixel graphics that make it look like a gamer's game.

    I dunno, I think they're making the right move here by switching to a paid app, but I think it's obvious this should have been their pricing model from the start.

    • Marc

      Doesn't mean 1.2 Million aren't playing either. What, no one ever shares and iPad anymore?

  • Jamie Churchman

    You know, you might think, 'let's make a game like JPJR'. But we'll mix it up, we'll make it better, it should do as well or at least half as well as them'.

    But in doing so you've lost the singular focus of an endless runner. Every power up in JPJR is focused towards extending your distance. Thus it is incredibly easy to comprehend how much it will benefit your game, how much it is worth to you, and crucially *how* it will work. You know *how* it works because they let you try it out for free first ( kinda helps that they are consumable). Where as Punch Quest i dont know what anything does, i dont know what its worth and i dont know how it will benefit my game.
    The amount of times I've ended up in a menu for Super Power Move 2 staring at screeds (in this context screeds = more than eight words) of text explaining what Ki Shower Fisting does, and still have no idea how it will work out for me in game, may explain why it has no value to me. The fact it's not consumable, and I have wads of dough further compounds the issue.

    Everyone here sounds like they purchased IAP as some kind of charity (including me). You need to buy because it's measurable. You need to know what you are getting. Whether it be a new airport or an extra 100m distance or a new floor in your tower of love.

    'I have no idea what this does but I'm buying it!'

    • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick

      I wish they'd done the Jetpack model and charged upfront, it would have possibly made all the difference.

  • http://twitter.com/crunchewy Crunchewy

    Unfortunately switching to paid now seems too late. 600k people already have the game. How many out there who want the game haven't already downloaded it? Hopefully their critical and fan success will spur on sales of their next game and this won't all be for naught.

  • http://www.meadiciona.com/charles_anjos Charles Albert

    Why care about free 2 play so much? I'd bought it day one if it were 99 cents this day. Fact is, this game is too good to F2P pseudogames business model. I've bought two small coin packs and to me it was totally worthy.

    Actually, i usually steer clear from iOS free 2 play games, because they all are mindless, numb and stupid tycoon-wannabes with half-assed real-time limited gameplay.

    I like my games with price and quality, thank you very much.

    • DannyTheElite

      There are some good free games
      Tiny tower
      Pocket planes
      Pocket frogs
      That's it........
      Two more
      Wind up knight
      Storm the train

      • http://www.meadiciona.com/charles_anjos Charles Albert

        the first three are pure facebookish garbage, perfect examples of the tycoon wannabes. wind up knight started paid and is fairly good. this storm the train i've never played, i'll look it up, thanks.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/42YS2N67LP6IDUKBZUUCMSZW7M Pray For Death

        Yeah ignore the nimblebit 'time-management' crap.

        I recommend tilt to live and dead trigger. Also, outwitters.

  • http://twitter.com/Slow_Shoes Luis Martinez

    While Punch Quest only stayed on my device for a day, let's hope RocketCat Games doesn't leave the iOS space. They've put out wonderful games such as their three Hook Champ games, along with Mage Gauntlet. All of those games did something really great and innovative. It would be a sad day to see them go.

  • Deamon34

    I have the game and picked up the coin doubler but feel these guys deserve more.  So I'm going to gift this game to 5 people.

  • wutzlo


    I don't really understand how they can say that they "barely passed the five figure mark in revenue". I'm a app dev too and I passed the five figure mark and I wasn't listed in the top grossing list like they are. I'm pretty sure that they are making $2000 per day for more than two weeks o_0

    • http://animaltrackers.wordpress.com/ DAiv Games

      Well, if my sales are representative of the majority of indie devs out there who have only made the TWO figure mark, I'm not surprised that five figures features pretty high on the grossing chart.

      Even though it took me the best part of three years to make Animal Trackers (including the v1.1 update), at this point, I'd take that "barely passed the five figure mark in revenue" in a heartbeat.

      • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

        Lol! Couldn't agree more! I'm still trying get past the ONE figure mark myself.

  • NeonGreenKermit

    Wow. Really don't mean to sound like a prick, but I did have doubts it would succeed as a free game, and conversed with the dev about it on an earlier TA thread. I'm glad its not free any more, its a great game. It's all about perception of value. Make something great cheaper or free, it instantly loses some value.

  • paulf58

    Should have been oat from the start. Well worth 99 cents

    • http://twitter.com/ezonecom Simon Edis

      I would have bought it for $2.99.

      • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick

        Agreed. This game is honestly more enjoyable and crazy fun than the other games of theirs that I've tried, and I REALLY love their other games. Seriously, they are insanely great in quality, even if I suck at them.

        I paid around $5 in this game, and it's been the best money I've spent on an iOS take in an incredibly long time.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/42YS2N67LP6IDUKBZUUCMSZW7M Pray For Death

    They should have made Mage Gauntlet 2 instead of wasting their time on an endless runner.

  • yippers

    This is such a sad state of affairs. Let's put it into perspective with numbers. Say these guys optimistically developed the game over three months, so ~480 hours each, for four developers, totaling ~2000 hours. They barely broke 5 digits, so they've spent three months working at $5 a hour. If they switched careers to cashier, they would DOUBLE their salary. If they did any other career with their talents besides games, they would easily be making FIVE times as much. If they worked for Zynga like some of my friends, they would be making TEN TIMES their salary with crazy amounts of additional perks. So sometimes I wonder why incredible developers like these guys are basically giving up their lives for us, when we're basically saying--with our money--that we really don't care.

  • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

    Oh cry me a freakin' river Rocketcat! I'm I the only one confused with all the pity for these guys? Don't get me wrong they are a great company and make awesome games (PQ is one of them) but these guys got close to a million downloads! How could anyone can consider this game a failure!!! People are seriously donating to them money out of pity??? Bwaaaa???

    Yes, they utterly botched the monetisation--should have either been a buck from the get go or had super aggressive IAP--but they should be celebrating regardless of how much money they made. Game developing isn't always about what you make on your current game, its how much your going to make on your next game and the next one after that. Its about building a successful company--not just make tons of money off of every single game. A million people is a huge user base! Its not Temple Run or Angry Birds but its still a lot of people. If you can get half that many people to buy your next game for a buck or two then that sounds like a success to me!

    I would LOVE to be in Rocketcat's shoes right now! They are respected in the industry, known for great quality games, places like Touch Arcade write and talk about them constantly, they just got a million downloads on their game...sounds pretty great! So if anyone over at Rocketcat is depressed about this then please please grow up, be very grateful, and be a little bit smarter about business next time around. And for everyone else if you want to pity a developer go find someone who made a great game but got a few hundred (or dozens) of downloads (there are lots out there) rather than a wildly popular, critically acclaimed company with close to a million users!

    • ducksFANjason

      I was thinking the same thing about the built in userbase. If nothing else, 600,000 user who are aware of their games should help them with a future endeavor, should they choose to pursue one still. Now they just need to stick to pricing it from the start. Yes, charging $1.99 up front will get you less downloads, but the tradeoff is that you'll make some money from it. Releasing free will garner you a ton of downloads, but to expect that it will pay the bills is silly. They've transitioned to a conventional pay model now and I hope it works out for them - but this PQ launch isn't a failure. Just consider it a free sample to those 600,000 users and learn from the mistake of releasing an IAP monetized game I guess.

      • http://iqsoup.com/ iqSoup

        Totally. Its true that iPhone gamers are stingy--for an unknown dev its hard to get people to pay even a dollar for your game. But nearing a million downloads is far from unknown. Rocketcat is a big deal now. I actually think this whole situation might have worked to their advantage. The story of Punch Quest's "failure" has kind of blown up on a lot of sites. And the story is always the same: Rocketcat is an amazing dev and they make amazing games, Punch Quest is amazing but it didn't make much money. Having the whole iPhone gamer community constantly repeating that is pretty awesome advertising if you ask me. Rocketcat needs to care more about their company than the profits of a single game. All told this game has been fantastic for their business.

  • http://www.vitaltitles.com/ Nick

    I really wish Rocketcat should have taken the 99 cent model from the get go, like Jetpack Joyride, and then go free once it's been established.

    Now, it's an uphill battle. They were featured by Apple, and that would have brought a ton of sales. Now, it's no longer featured and it's possibly going to be lost in the dreck of crappy App Store selections.

    This game is a gem, it's a classic and it's deserving of the praise IF you like this style. But if you don't, it doesn't matter how great the reviews are. A rap album could be the best released, but if you hate rap no amount of good reviews will sway anyone.

    But I'm finished, this time was wasted typing when I could have been playing!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=566184718 Chris Hawkins

    Love this game and those guys. If you got this game for free, go buy an IAP; these guys are what iOS gaming needs to support. They gave us an original experience, and while it may have similar core mechanics, it is unique and satisfying. (I am NOT getting paid for this! It's that good!) @MFCH

  • opens11

    Glad I picked up the app when it was free, but I do agree. It's a great idea to make the game 0.99€. The title is well worth this much if not a little extra.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5FLRQI2X2LU3IHMCG7HEAEFD5I Cat Astrophy

    Just charge for the damn game. People made tons of money before IAP. Give us a full game and charge like $3-$5 for it. 1000000 did it PERFECTLY. No IAP. Unlock speed was very satisfying.

  • nonstickron

    Eh...is this why my unlocks were all reset when I loaded the game up just now...?

  • emilenitrate

    Curious psychological effect, I was reluctant to download this because it was a freemium, regardless of the high recommendations. As soon as it went for a buck, I got on board. Can't stand all that IAP crap, give me the game and I'll pay you.

  • 11liker99

    Why? I liked it being free

  • http://twitter.com/Aghartastudio Agharta studio

    THe point in going free is to reach a lot of people, to build a good customer database, I think money is secondary here.. we have the same problem you have with shufflepuck cantina, Million of dl and very few sales because of the "generous" grinding system, it's either you are stealing from customers (l'm looking at you slotomania^^) or you basically prostitute yourself and your game in order to gain popularity and rating..
    either way without apple exposure most of us can't do anything. The Ios crowd is a tough one... I really consider going back to steam/xbla where selling a good game 9$ is still considered cheap.

  • Connor Milmoe

    Honestly, I was SO surprised that it was free, and this game seems like it's atleast a $1.99 game