Late last week we took a look at a developer-made hands-on video for True Skate, the skateboarding game from True Axis that's been in development for the better part of this year, and the following day got our own hands dirty with it in a TA Plays video. Today I've gotten the good news that True Skate will be hitting the App Store on October 18th. Hey that's next week!

To celebrate the release date announcement, True Axis put together another demo video of the game being played on the new iPad. Here you can really see how your fingers become "virtual legs" that are responsible for performing all the tricks in True Skate. Check it out.

True Skate has been one of my main obsessions for the past week or so, and I just can't help but sneak in a session whenever I spot the game's icon while swiping through my iPhone home screens. I'm helpless against its power. I know it'll be instant gratification and instant fun as I get lost in experimenting with what's possible.

It's the kind of thing that's best experienced first-hand, so keep your eye on next week's batch of new releases when True Skate finally comes to the App Store as a $1.99 Universal app.

  • anada

    $1.99 sounds like an absolute bargain. Can't wait for this one

  • xepiczx

    Wow this looks epic can't wait and I'm not 100% but doesn't $1.99 mean that in the uk it's only £0.69 if so then i am definitely buying it when it hits

    • Deixa


      • xepiczx

        I wish I was a billionaire so then I could get an Idevice cuz right now I'm in apple!!!!!!!!!!

      • Deixa

        So how are you gonna "definitely buying it when it hits" if you haven't got an iDevice?

  • Akiratech

    I'm all over this first day buy

  • mikelite

    this game looks great, but looks like a total rip of Touchgrind. Am I missing something? Is it different?

    • Dylan Praesto

      if you look at the video, you see its a big differens -.- 

    • lr1919

      Did you even watch the video?

      • mikelite

        yeah, I watched the video. I also rewatched the Touchgrind gameplay video. TG is top-down and TS is more of a 3/4 angle. And I guess the gestures are a little more refined. Is that it? I'm not trying to be a dick, I wanna see what everyone else is so psyched about.

      • abodi

        It's skateboarding, just how different can it be if you are using gestures to control the board.

      • True Axis

        I might be slightly biased, but the difference is, True Skate is the game that I hoped Touchgrind would be, but wasn't. I didn't find the Touchgrind controls intuitive or satisfying at all. It seemed like the only way to get the skateboarding game that I wanted to play, was for True Axis to make it;)

        True Skate also has a rewind button;)

  • just0

    Looks like a lot of fun!! $1.99 is a bargain!!

    Definite buy.

  • Spamstic

    looks ok, bit disappointed there is only 1 level/map though. No matter how good it is it needs more than 1 small park surely.

    • True Axis

      Hence it's only $1.99 US. Still much better value then Touchgrind IMHO.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    I will buy this game as soon as its available in the store, and you will make gamecenter support for achievements in JetCarStunts as you said before!

    • True Axis

      You drive a hard bargin;) We are thinking what to do about another JCS update. We need to add iPhone 5 support. 

      • David F

        Jet Car Stunts remains my all time favourite iOS experience, hands down. I love it so much (just wish there was a level pack for time trials!) Also Gamecenter support would be so rad!

        Can't wait to pick this game up as well - especially if the handling detail has anything like the polishedness of Jet Car Stunts...

      • Justin Faull

        You have no idea how much i want jet car stunts 2.

        Also is jet car stunts possibly inspired by trackmania? Love your games 😉

  • Tó Jó Baptista

    could u make it free for a day? its an amazing app!!!!!!!

    • dylanmannen

      Are you fucking serious?

    • True Axis

      I doubt it;) It took us about a year before we put Jet Car Stunts on sale, and its never been free for a day.

      • Laszlo Tuss

        Premium apps shouldnt need free sales.
        One sale after a year is acceptable.
        Keep up the good stuff sir 🙂

    • Justin Faull

      Yep totally, because it's not like their job....if they put it for free they will have to shove IAP or ads in it.

  • soulfool

    Cant wait for this! but the few videos I've seen of True Skate all seem to play with one finger on the board. Can u not play with two fingers doing tricks as u naturally would in TouchGrind?

    • True Axis

      Look again at the video in this article, the first 3 or 4 tricks are done using 2 fingers. Its just that you don't have to start with your fingers resting on the screen.

      The other video release was done all with one finger, which you can do if you are fast. You can also steer with 2 fingers.Either way, the entire point of making the game was to feel more natural then TouchGrind, and Jared commented that it feels more like real skateboarding in his previews.

      • YekNoM

        You tweeted Release 12. October?!? What's right? I can't wait anymore!! Is ist iPhone5 ready??

  • True Axis

    Wow, you are right, I tweeted incorrectly. Obviously the 12th is not a Thursday. You will have to wait until the 18th. Unfortunately  I am probably a bit dyslexic. I can't spell, and I am brilliant at mixing up dates. I think I cut and pasted that date from an in correct press release that I sent out to some people. I had to send out a bunch of corrections all ready, but I hadn't noticed the twitter mistake until now.

    • YekNoM


      Damn, i hate waiting. Free Copy for finding the mistake??? 😉

  • volkan

    This seems insane!

  • GetLitTonite

    Buyin this at midnight:)

  • sizle95

    Are you planning on adding more skate parks in the near future?