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First Proper ‘True Skate’ Gameplay Video Released

True Skate from Jet Car Stunts ($1.99) developer True Axis first popped onto our radar back in February with some early rendered screens. Then in June they released an extremely teaser-y trailer on their Facebook page, but we hadn’t really heard much since. Today a new gameplay video was released that finally really shows what True Skate is all about.

Similar to Touchgrind ($4.99), you manipulate a little virtual board with your fingers, but True Skate has a more authentic feel to actual skateboarding than Touchgind did. You actually smack down on the tail and then level off the front of your board to get airborn, exactly how you’d do a real ollie, and it feels really satisfying.

Every trick comes from there, with various flicks and swipes performing different tricks in the air. Pushing down in the right position over rails or ledges allows you to perform a number of different grinds or slides, and everything is executed pretty much how you would expect on a real skateboard. Ollie 90 degrees and push your tail down over a rail to tailslide, for example. Give the gameplay video a watch.

We’ve been playing around with a build of True Skate this past week, and will have more on it soon, but I’ve got to say it’s one of the most unique experiences I’ve had on iOS, and feels like what this type of platform was made for. An incredible amount of interactivity. Once the mechanics start to click the game just opens up as you get lost skating around the park and trying whatever pops into your mind.

True Skate is really close to submission now, so keep your eye out for more from it in the very near future and be sure to hit up our forums too.