The release of Middle Manager of Justice was just as much of a surprise to us as it was to its creator Double Fine, it appears. Earlier this morning, the strategy-sim appeared on the App Store and was yanked shortly after because, well, it isn't a finished video game yet.

In a message to the Double Fine community from the game's lead, Kee Chi, explains what went down and welcomes the game's early users to toss some feedback to Double Fine. Here's the post, in full:

"So, Middle Manager of Justice went live accidentally last night! For those of you who jumped on it right away, you got an early preview for the game! Please note that the game isn’t indicative of what it should be yet," he says in the post.

"All the bugs will be ironed out, and there is much tuning to be done. For those of you that have the game now, any feedback regarding the game is welcome and appreciated! If you’ve already have purchased something in game, please note that it will still work when the game is updated."

"You can keep playing if you wish, but you should really wait for the full release in the coming weeks, he adds"

So, there you go. The release was an accident and the title won't see a proper release until a few bugs and balance issues are ironed out. Even in this state, though, Middle Manager is pretty cool. We'll definitely be around for its second launch. If, you know, it's a real one, that is.

  • ibrahim.aventador

    Тн̲єγ̲ pulled тн̲є game , but wɑт abt тн̲є ones who installed тн̲ɪs game. Тн̲ɑт game ғʀσ̲м
    Their phones will be deleted itself ?? ☺

    • Hans Kisaragi

      Did you not read the post? you can still play it and if you do they want your feedback.

  • 1Fcm

    Well I guess Ill still play the version I downloaded and see what the issues might be.

  • Cleafus

    What the ?

  • Zombie_Toaster

    Someone's getting fired.

  • Josh Justice

    I wonder why the game is already submitted to the App Store, then. As an app developer, I can confirm that you wouldn't normally do that as a way to beta test your app. Maybe they are confirming in advance that Apple doesn't object to anything in their app code.

    • Benjamin Palmer

      They stated what happened on the forums (here). When you submit an app, there's a drop down/option for 'Release upon approval' or 'release at this time: ...' and they forgot to set it for a later release date and instead released it upon approval. Sounds like they were trying to do exactly what you said, confirm in advance everything is good, fix it up some more, release when ready. They just checked the wrong box.

    • ImJPaul

      Ya right. They did this in purpose. The fact that they're saying "give feedback if you have it" and blah blah just makes it blatantly obvious. These guys are new to iOS and the die hard iOSers are a hard bunch to please. They released this in the middle of a Wednesday when most people are at school or work, without a wifi connection. That leaves a select few who actually read the TA article to download the game and BAM! Free BETA testing from a varied bunch of individuals. Everybody was saying it was boring. It was gonna flop. So, now they can rework it with all the new suggestions they get. Sounds like a great plan to me. In fact, its quite genius and that leaves us all none the wiser. Here's another point. (I know this is long) "Hey, I don't want my game released, I think since I DON'T want my game released I'll just submit it to apple" see where I'm going with this?!

      • J. A. Whye

        If you enter your app info in iTunes Connect you can "save" your name so nobody else can get that -- but then you need to upload a binary within 90 days. Apple does that to keep people from "squatting" on names with no intention of using them.

        DF could have been running late getting the game done (what?!? late software?!?) and so uploaded a working, but unfinished binary to iTunes to "stop the clock" so they'd have a little more time to get it done. And whoever did that didn't set the release date correctly.

        I'll bet you a maple bar that's what happened. Because if DF wanted beta testers for an iOS app I doubt they'd need to resort to any kind of trickery.


      • HelperMonkey

        Worst conspiracy theory ever.

  • Lazy_Ekans

    Glad for that. The current version seemed buggy now that you mention it.

  • onlineatron

    Noticed some glitches, and some missing text here and there, but mostly it's solid. Neat little game.

  • GameTaco

    Like others here, I'm glad to essentially be an unwitting beta tester. I was very surprised and excited when I saw it during my App Store rounds earlier today, then just as much confused hours later when it poofed.

    It really is a nice, polished little game. The most major "bug" I seem to be having right now involves the timers not consistently counting down while the app is in the background. If I had to make an early diagnosis, it could have something to do with assigning a task to the Middle Manager before pressing the Home button. I'm sure, though, that as is typically the case in software testing, everything we could point out has already been detected and is probably already fixed in another build.

    For now, I'm going to patiently await the *real* release of MMoJ, and as I said before, maybe chip in a buck or two for Superium. Think of it as making up for me not jumping on the famed Double Fine Kickstarter.

  • RottenRedRod

    Apparently you can still buy IAP anyway.

  • P0tent1al

    I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to grab this whilst it was available... The first thing that struck me was the game graphically looked 'soft' on my iPad (1st generation) worth a look if no testing has been done with this device. Very sharp and crisp on my iPhone 4, but the iPad is the screen of preference 🙂

    I also found that very quickly I was being beaten, by gangs of four men, the rewards counts down extremely quickly whilst you have to rest, which meant the game was forcing really early use of IAP. :-/

    I hope through improved balancing the title (when released properly) allows me to play further than a few thugs before parting with my cash... I would like to be able to grind more and get a real feel for the game before throwing money at it..... I really hate this new era of gaming where progress is dictated by wallet ... Ah well.

    I will wait to play this when it is re-released, but will happily try some more if Double Fine want feedback.

    PM me through TA if you do.

  • frisnit

    I did wonder why it was a bit buggy for a new release, obvious things like the character movement being jumpy when you're using menus etc.

  • Mbourgon

    Meh. I have it and, disappointingly, it's not much of a game. Seems more like one of the freemium clickers, where you can click on things and wait - but there's no actual gameplay short of tapping on your character's one (of many, I hope) abilities. Which sucks - I would have expected them to make more of a game. As is, it's a clicky treadmill that's not fun.

  • futuresgreen

    The game was released in error... End of story.

    The clue that its a Management style game is in the title Manager and in the game description. It isn't a driving game, it's not a shoot em up, it's a management game.

    Any feedback - give to the developer, don't stick it on here, on the off chance they may have an odd glance to see your comments on this forum along with the other thousand odd sites..

    What's wrong with you people these days and for the love of God it was a FREE download !!!
    I take it you all expect to get paid for your work.. Well so do these guys...