Final Fantasy Dimensions, "an all-new entry" in the Final Fantasy series for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, has been dated: according to an update on the game's site, it should be released at the end of this month, August 31.

We're a little confused by the billing of Dimensions. New might not be the best word, as it appears to be just a re-worked port of Final Fantasy Legends. Legends was an episodic series of Final Fantasy titles released on Japanese cell phones in 2010.

Regardless, Dimensions should scratch some itches for RPG veterans yearning for a new, but old-school Final Fantasy. Dimensions rocks a job system in addition to turn-based combat and a traditional dark versus light premise. New images of the game definitely show off a game that's rooted in the series' past.

We'll give Dimensions a spin as soon as we can. No price has been confirmed, though it seems like a safe bet considering Square Enix's App Store pricing history that this is going to cost more than a dollar.

  • Synthetic Void

    Really hope they get an HD build out soon after the release. 

  • kabukijoe

    Square Enix knows where the money is!

  • shidokan57

    I wouldnt get ur hopes up. I have been waitin prolly a yr for hi def chars in FFT. Square is rediculous. I held off playin spectral souls for this. Not gonna pay over 6.99 for FF5 rehash pretty much. Ill give square benefit of the doubt but seriously we need more awesome rpgs on ios. I think ima play spectral souls first. Ty hyperdevbox jap for bein awesome n fixin stuff asap. Please port more.

    • Kneon

       $6.99? This is Square Enix... $9.99 to $14.99 I'd wager.

  • ExcaliburEdge

    I know it's a long shot, but I'm hoping it's universal with iCloud support for saves.

    • Francis Timbol Fabie

      i would say me too but knowing square enix who has never done it for other games, that's doubtful..

  • ImJPaul

    About time. One of the 29,999 games on my watch list is finally releasing.

  • ducksFANjason

    Sweet!! Next week is definitely within my waiting limit. That's not too bad at all!

  • swatbot

    Might check this out, but I have to say, I really wish Squeenix would stop beating around the bush and port FF4/6. It's bizarre they've ported SoM and CT, and the DS port of FF3 but not the strongest old school entries in the FF series.

  • farnsworth_pro

    Damnit!! just give me my FF6 on ios!!!

  • Cloud Strife

    if only square enix could release dissidia for itouch

  • Monteirri

    Sounds good unfortunately SquareEnix would gross more if the lowered their pricing. As a avid SquareEnix gamer I would love to play these ports. However I will not pay the over inflated pricing when I can get a game just like it for a fraction of the cost.

    • ducksFANjason

      What game can you get just like it? I love a lot of the RPGs in the app store, but I have to admit, Square Enix knows how to make some amazingly engrossing RPGs. I think it speaks volumes about the level of quality of their games that they can charge as much as they do on the app store...

      Also, from what I've heard, a large portion of their inflated prices come from the yen-to-dollar conversion.

      • Superatomic

        What's the best of the current crop of ios rpg's?

      • ImJPaul

        Chaos rings trilogy is my favorite by far.

      • Francis Timbol Fabie

        The best ones in the iOS are the old school ones like Ash and anything Kemco (except for the translation which is forgivable). The great graphic games really fall short story wise compared to them but that doesn't mean you shouldn't play them as well. Spectral Souls is a very promising game in terms of storyline and graphics.

      • Jason Urbaniec

        I'm personally a huge fan of Across Age. Even though it's an action-RPG, it's fantastic. Also, the Kemco noes are pretty good as Francis pointed out. The Quest is pretty in-depth if you like really old-school gameplay. And Adventure Bar Story is fun if you don't mind some added strategy elements. Also, Cthulu Saves the World is pretty fun. That's about it for ones that I love. Other than that, the best place to get your RPG fix is from Square Enix.

  • kaj

    The 31st is a Friday.  Do big name iOS games come out on days other than Wednesday?

    • Nicole Hunter

      No, Square Enix does what Sqare Enix wants when they want. lol

  • Eugene Ahn

    Me gusta

  • The#1

    I knew it! Of course its a port! I wish DQ would come out on ios....

  • theundertow

    SE - hope this is more than a port. Time to get real on iOS if you're going to keep charging a "high" price relative to everyone else on the platform.

    I hope and want them to do well...I bought their games early but have fallen off the bandwagon of late.

  • Zephiros

    Couldn't be more excited for thia game, been waiting for it since it was released in Japan a couple if years later. Whatever the cost, I'll pay it

  • Superatomic

    What is the best of the current crop of rpg's? Cthulhu?

  • Francis Timbol Fabie

    At long last, a JRPG that hopefully uses the graphic capability of an iOS and a great storyline and combat system.. or so i hope! 🙂

  • ExcaliburEdge

    According to SE's website, it's got a $28.99 price tag for the full game. A bit steep.

  • jegmaranan

    my #1 wish is to have xenogears on the ios! no other game beats it when it comes to story and depth.