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‘Final Fantasy Dimensions’ Dated, Hits Late August

Final Fantasy Dimensions, “an all-new entry" in the Final Fantasy series for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, has been dated: according to an update on the game’s site, it should be released at the end of this month, August 31.

We’re a little confused by the billing of Dimensions. New might not be the best word, as it appears to be just a re-worked port of Final Fantasy Legends. Legends was an episodic series of Final Fantasy titles released on Japanese cell phones in 2010.

Regardless, Dimensions should scratch some itches for RPG veterans yearning for a new, but old-school Final Fantasy. Dimensions rocks a job system in addition to turn-based combat and a traditional dark versus light premise. New images of the game definitely show off a game that’s rooted in the series’ past.

We’ll give Dimensions a spin as soon as we can. No price has been confirmed, though it seems like a safe bet considering Square Enix’s App Store pricing history that this is going to cost more than a dollar.