So ... it appears as though Curiosity isn't a name that 22 Cans can actually use for its upcoming puzzle "game." Science has already called dibs, which means a name change is in the works for the studios first, and crazily ambitious, project.

"There is a problem with the name Curiosity," 22 Cans' Peter Molyneux explained earlier this morning via Twitter. "We can't use it because of NASA. I wonder what one word would sum up Curiosity: The Cube," he asked.

That was a real question put to fans, by the way. The 22 Cans Twitter account is going to be taking suggestions and tweeting the top choices. We've just submitted "whoops" as a possible new name, as it perfectly symbolizes what happened here, since Curiosity the NASA project has been in the works since 2004 and all.

Curiosity, or whatever it'll be called, is due out this September.

  • Joe

    Futility? Timesink? Lottery? Boredom?

  • Donald Ronald



    ... actually I give up. Pretty sure all the ones I am thinking of are names of newspapers or space shuttles.

    • fershers

      obviously, you're not the only one.

  • Ethan Wynsma


  • Arch Deluxe

    Angry Blocks

  • Adams Immersive

    Pickin’ Away at This Big Box Thing™

  • oooooomonkey

    "one button!"

  • robmerrell

    Over promise and under deliver

    • lunch trolol


  • Jay G

    Molyneux's Folly?

  • hkiphone


  • Carlos


    • ducksFANjason

      LOL I think I might buy a game that had enough sense of humor to poke fun at the state of the app store and called itself IAP. Especially if it had loads of free IAPs in it. That would be ironic!

  • GSJ1977

    "The 99%"

  • Wikilix

    Infinity birds Rope Cutter Angry Doodle Blade 3000

  • Nycteris


  • HelperMonkey

    Six Sides

  • HelperMonkey


  • HelperMonkey

    Superbrothers suggest "Cwuriosity."

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Goin' in Box Deep

    Or just edit a few letters out of the original name or something. Curio, CurioCity, CurryCity, Curryiosity. ect.

  • Jay G

    "How to keep idiots busy"

  • Janni

    Money Keeper

  • Rubicon Development

    Fanboi Abuse Piss Take

  • fershers

    way to ride curiosity's (NASA) popularity.

  • willem b


  • Joe Allen

    Qriocity Qb

  • RandomEric

    Cat Killer

  • pauldavidmerritt

    These names shouldn't be release public for other developers to steal (they can, and will), but I would say:



    Box Tin