Today I sit down and give Bradley a first-hand demonstration of my epic platforming skills in the new game Mikey Shorts [$1.99] from BeaverTap Games. Actually, I focus more on demonstrating and explaining the game than I do shooting for new world records, but I’ll let my current dominance of the #1 spots on the Game Center leaderboards speak for themselves. I also expect to get annihilated once the game releases worldwide and gains a bunch of new players, but it was nice while it lasted.

Mikey Shorts is the kind of game that any type of gamer can love. If you want to leisurely work through its levels taking in the vibrant visuals and unlocking a ton of different items to deck out your player with, that’s totally fine. There’s no pressure to hurry if you don’t want (well, in Story Mode at least. Challenge Mode levels have timers, but they’re still pretty easygoing for basic 1-star completion). There’s plenty to enjoy about Mikey Shorts even if you aren’t interested in the time trial aspect at all.

However, if you’re the type who will endlessly replay levels over and over, striving to shave just a fraction of a second off your top best time to inch you ahead on the leaderboard, then Mikey Shorts is your next obsession. Each level begs to be deconstructed and explored as you search out every optimal path and little trick that will give you an advantage against the clock. It can be exhilarating nailing that one perfect run, not to mention massively rewarding.

Not bad for a couple of forum bums I’d have to say. Speaking of forums, everybody can't seem to stop gushing about the game in ours. Mikey Shorts is now available as a Universal app for 99¢ and you should check it out if you have even the slightest interest in platforming games.

  • ducksFANjason

    Bought it! Looks great so I hope it lives up to the hype!

    • mikeg1234

      Thanks!  We hope you enjoy the game.  So far, the forum members seems to be having a blast with the game.

      And thanks to Jared and Brad for the TA Plays video of Mikey Shorts!!

  • MidianGTX

    Niceee. Well done guys. I'll probably be picking this up later tonight.

  • Chris Matchett

    Call me cynical but I can't help but question the gushing praise this is getting when it was made by TA members. That's NOT to say it isn't deserved praise and NOT to say there's any unfairness going on. It's just my dark and rotten heart that makes me distrust.
    I genuinely hope this is a good game.

    • BeaverTap Games

      Give it a shot, Chris! We've been getting good feedback from a lot of different folks. Let us know what you think if you end up giving it a chance! 🙂

      • Billy Green

        The game is amazing. Thank you for not using IAP!!!

    • MidianGTX

       Don't worry about that, we've had TA members come out with some right garbage in the past 🙂

    • kioshi

      I'm not sure I'll get 'super addicted' to this like some forum members because the genre isn't my fav, but this game has the best controls I've ever seen in a platformer and worth the 0.99 for me even though I'm likely to play in short bursts. I'd say it's worth 3 bucks if you like speed run games, I know I'd gladly spend 3-5 if this were a regular platformer (since I really like them as opposed to speed run), as it has tons of easily unlockable items, no IAP and it does have quality. I'm very picky on controls, I didn't complete one of the best games from a genre I love (Swordigo) because I feel the character is not that responsive despite the great customization the game also has, this one really feels like they nailed it in that aspect.

  • chimpman252

    Lol when he's introducing the challenge mode and is choosing a challenge level to demonstrate, listen to the background music-it's a retro version of Dope Zebra by LMFAO!

  • Cloud Strife

    great game but soon it will have IAP

    • Donald Ronald

      Care to back this up with any facts? 

    • BeaverTap Games

      We don't have any IAP planned for Mikey Shorts. We're glad people are enjoying it! 🙂

      • bradnicholson

        lololol. love the pr response! i was thinking as we shot the video -- this is one of those games where i don't think people would mind the iap. it's already balanced without it in mind, so whatever. 

      • Zam Zar

        If you just added IAP to buy coins and kept the current coin unlock system in place, it really shouldn't bother anyone because if you don't want to pay it's the same as before, and if you do, everything is cosmetic so it doesn't give you an advantage.

  • Brandon

    Wow! I'm loving this game so far. I've blown through most of the story pretty quickly. Like, really quickly. But I'm hoping the challenge mode gives a lot more content. Although I still haven't gotten all the stars in story mode, so there's a little more to do there as well.