Late last week Everplay’s enjoyable arena platformer Spell Sword [$0.99] received a substantial content update and transitioned into a free-to-play model. New content is always welcome when it adds even more good stuff to an already great game, and this update is no exception.

A brand new arena called Sky Temple has been added along with 60 new mission levels. There are more than 30 new shop items, new Spell Cards, and new enemies. We also get iCloud game syncing as part of this package, which is always a nice feature for Universal games.

The switch to a free-to-play model is the part of this update that scared me, as it can be a touchy subject when developers change a game that many have previously paid for. However, it’s really not such a bad deal in Spell Sword. The only thing that seems to have changed is the ability to purchase the Rupee and Dragon Coin currencies with real money via IAP. Basically, everything else is just as it was before.

You might remember, the lack of any IAP in Spell Sword was something we appreciated in our original review. But, if you don’t want to pay anything you’ll still earn the currencies at a fair rate through normal play, and if you’re feeling impatient the option to purchase is there. The best thing about this is that the barrier of entry to try out Spell Sword is now zero, and it really is a good game that everyone should try.

Go grab the latest update and check out all the new content, and if you’ve been hesitant about trying Spell Sword now is the perfect time since it looks like it will be free permanently from now on.

  • Jeff

    Sooo... do those of us who actually paid for it get anything?

    • Vestid

      You get the game you've been playing??

    • BWayne

       Yeah, you get ads!

    • TurboRuhland

      According to the posts here on the TA forums the devs said that early adopters who purchased would be getting an undisclosed amount of dragon coins, but an issue with the update process prevented that from happening right away. Apparently they are trying to get it worked out.

      • ducksFANjason

        That's cool of them to do, but as an early adopter that's really not even necessary. This switch to free-to-play has been made so gracefully that I don't feel slighted at all. Kudos to the dev for handling it with such foresight and concern for previous customers!

      • Vince

        Yeah I don't think the early adopters are losing out(besides the $1 they paid for the game). The game is still basically what the early adopters paid for...with a new IAP  currency and (expensive) new items. Being an offline single player game, I don't think there is any pressure to get them via IAP.   

        Disclaimer: I have only sunk 30 min into the newly updated game. 

  • JesusBro

    another game fell into the rift
    because of stupid greedy îdiotic mothérfûcking IAP
    its hard to find a game without them

  • Jack Lloyd

    will this game ever come out on android? cause not everyone in the world has an iphone.....

    • Cat Astrophy

      Not everyone, but you can. Get one!

    • Benjamin Rodriguez

      I don't always have an Iphone. But when I do it's to play Spell Sword for it's new F2P model.

  • lr1919

    Screw this. Deleted the app.

    • rybred96

      Yeah. Screw the dev. Let them to out of business and no longer support the app because you want your game how it is.

    • ducksFANjason

      Well I'm just glad that you didn't overreact and do something irrational...

    • steven0451

      You could just not update the app if it bothers you that much.

  • Joltrabbit

    Good for the developer. I hope things brings in the cash to bring us bigger and better updates.

  • iOSoldier

    This only mean paid apps only work for giant IPs.... indies and small developers can't release paid apps because they get broke!, App Store stink for small ones ultimately

    • Niclas Johansson

      Small ones like the Tiny Wings and Angry Birds devs?

      • iOSoldier

        They are just lucky ones... with good games, BUT lucky

  • Game News

    After see trailer, It seem to be like famicom game.... but I play anyway. 

  • jay401

    Fun game, bought it a while back. The new update is good, too. No harm done, more content added, and the option to purchase coins if you want.

  • Chris Matchett

    This went temporarily free a while back and nobody complained then.

  • Cat Astrophy

    Rupees are fine but dragon coins definitely feel like the bad IAP formula

  • HelperMonkey

    This sucks for me.

    I already destroyed my cell phone. They offered a plan for more text service if I PAID, so I smashed it with a hammer.

    Cable wanted to charge me for HBO, so that was it for my TV.

    And I love my iPod. But with the direction things are going, it too will soon be bits and pieces.

    It's getting to be this way everywhere. Even McDonald's...
    "You want fries with that?"
    "YOU GO TO HELL!!"

    • ducksFANjason

      LMAO well played sir!

  • Cloud Strife

    another game ruined by IAPurchases

    • Niclas Johansson

      In what way does this ruin the game? And what other games have been ruined for you in the same way before?

  • JesusBro

    at least they added new levels

  • Dug From The Earth

    Its not so much that Im upset that I could have gotten the game for free. I enjoy supporting devs that make good apps. Its more or less that im upset that PAYING for the game now gives me advertisements when that wasnt part of the package I originally bought.

    Imagine buying a car, then 2 months later, the dealer showing up to your house, and airbrushing a big "Shop at Generic Mart" advertisement on the sides and back". How many people would be ok with that? Yeah... didnt think so.

    Its called a simple flag in the code, that disables them for those who paid for the game. Its not difficulty, its about apathy.

    • albinosalad

      The constantly pulsing IAP button is an annoying new thing. Maybe the developer could make it pulse once or twice when you enter the screen then stop. Other than that, I am OK with the switch to F2P despite having paid for it when it was released.

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