Fez is an awesome game if you take the time to drill down and uncover the many mysteries hidden beneath its below-average action. It's a deep game, which is the reason our minds were kinda blown this afternoon when Fez creator Polytron mentioned that Zynga, king of casual and mindless games, offered to help the studio do a Fez mobile port. Like, seriously.

According to Polytron, it has turned Zynga down.

This is an overheard on Twitter kind of thing, so take that into consideration as you chew on this weird little fact. And, yeah, Polytron confirmed this wasn't a joke.

We've re-assembled our brain cases since this reveal. Our best guess -- and maybe we wouldn't have been so surprised if we didn't forget about it already -- is that Zynga tried to nab Fez as a Zynga Partners game. It's a program designed around drawing more "core" gamers into its social networks, so the shoe kinda fits.

Speaking of that, we believe the first Zynga Partners game will be Horn, which releases soon, if anyone is still around at Zynga to throw the switch on it by then.

  • Kevin Roberts

    I wish it would get ported. I don't have a Xbox 360, but this is one of the games I've seen for it that I'd enjoy (as long as it's not ruined by being turned into a freemium title.)

  • NoahDavid

    That's hilarious. Hehe.

  • Adams Immersive

    Even before I read that tweet, I had a sneaking suspicion about what happens when you turn Zynga down...

  • http://twitter.com/mastershredder Ask The Shredder

    this game requires a controller.. like... philosophically. 

  • Hoggy110

    anyone but Zynga, anyone but Zynga

  • Crex1111

    Thank gawd they have a brain.

  • WarMachine

    Knowing Zynga it's going to be free, with $50 iAPs that are completely unnecessary. These guys are worst than Activision and even Gameloft. Hell they're on par with Glu mobile

  • Lee West

    Wow amazing! I am looking forward to Fex, I hope it will have tons of ways to integrate my Facebook account, spam my friends and hopefully use that dusty credit card for some iAP to progress. 😉

  • http://twitter.com/try2bcool69 Jay G

    Seeing as how EA is an "indie" company now, maybe they'll make a deal with them instead.

  • dualshock

    Although Zynga has a bad reputation Polytron's remark is not classy at all. 

  • Anonymous

    Not sure who I hate more, Zynga or Phil Fish

  • TheShahnameh

    Zynga should actually focus on making Words With Friends have dictionary integration (much like that one classic board game they ripped-off) so it isn't such a disgrace of a game. It blows my mind how practically any mishmash of a consonant and a vowel (even in the reverse order, often!) can pass as a "word". I catch myself verifying with a dictionary that such things are not words and rubbing in the face of the other player constantly. The game takes ZERO skill to win and everything within it is just a hope-for-the-best crap shoot. No wonder so many people call it "Made-Up Words With Friends"!

  • chief78

    Fez is awesome and this whole time I've been saying it would make a fantastic mobile game. I'm really hoping this one ports to iOS soon and in full form from the console version (no IAP just a one-time anty). Please Phil, find a hood publisher and give us this gem!!

  • nineteen85

    After having watched Indie Game, and not liking Phil Fish at all. He just didn't have the enigmatic charm of the Braid guy nor the down-to-earth-ness of the SMB duo. This comment by him again(after being rude to the Japanese game dev) just put him squarely in my mind as an absolute asshole, touting a one trick pony(Fez) and believing himself to be someone special. He is special don't get me wrong, just special in the mentally deficient sort of way.

  • http://www.fershers.com/ fershers

    polytron - fez

    zynga - fezes

    i think zynga wins for a catchier name.

  • http://guardian-legend.com/ Hans Kisaragi

    For some reason I hope Zynga does a clone..

    Just casue I hate Phil Fish.. He is a big jerk

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DEARPEDCPTWN3J7RVVT3WKO7L4 Justin Rawcliffe

    Phil Fish sounds like a pretentious little wanker.

  • taylorbarclay

    The Phil Fish hate has ways been out of control on the Internet. He is a guy with an opinion, and he made one of the best games to come out this year.

    I loved every minute of Fez and I think Phil Fish has made some mistakes, but I don't act as if I'm a perfect person either. Cut him some slack.

    • nineteen85

      I am not a game aficionado. I don't keep up with gaming or developing news. Philippe Poisson could have declined to appear in Indie Game, but he didn't. So he appeared with all his immaturity, arrogance and distasteful character qualities. I would have never found out about his fiasco with the Japanese game dev if he wasn't such an ass in the movie and if I didn't bother to Google him after to see if he got sued by his old partner. Schadenfreude? Very much so.

      People who come into the mainstream public limelight very often have to live up to certain standards or risk being mocked, laughed at and ridiculed. Yes mistakes happen, in the case of Harry the Nazi. But unlike Harry the Nazi whom has a rather glittering record aside from that blemish. Philippe Poisson needs a swift kick in the butt and nuts for his entire life.

  • http://twitter.com/G3NNRAL_DEV Andre Pulmenti

    i'd love to play FEX. maybe it wont delete my save files -_- ! polytron should just port it themselves 

  • Luisa J

    I was going trough Google Play games, and I met something simillar to fez! It's Leappy Dog ! I love it! It is verry addictive!