It was a little more than a year ago that Days of Wonder launched Ticket to Ride [$8.99] on the iPad, a digital version of their mega-popular 2004 board game, and we thought it was pretty phenomenal in our review. It came with the original USA map and the option to buy expansion maps for Europe, Switzerland, and USA 1910 from within the game. A wonderful online multiplayer mode and a well-designed local pass-n-play mode (added later with an update) made Ticket to Ride one of the top digital board games available on the App Store.

Towards the end of last year, the game shrunk down for the iPhone and iPod touch with Ticket to Ride Pocket [$9.99]. This was a bit of a special version of the iPad game that included the original USA map with the USA 1910 available as an expansion, and rather than the direct head-to-head online matchmaking it employed a more mobile-friendly asynchronous online multiplayer. The game translated quite well to the smaller iOS screens, but we were left wanting the additional 2 expansions from the iPad version shrunk down as well.

And Days of Wonder has obliged, as Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket [Free] is now available for iPhone and iPod touch. It comes with the Europe map, obviously, and makes the Switzerland map available as a 99¢ in-app purchase. Each map also comes equipped with its own AI bot specifically tuned to play on each one, so you can challenge yourself solo.

If you haven’t gotten onboard the Ticket to Ride train yet (see what I did there?), then check out any of the available versions for a simply fantastic board game experience. The iPad version still remains the optimum way to play on iOS, but the shrunk down versions are really great too, and with the arrival of Ticket to Ride Europe Pocket it’s now an even more complete experience on the go.

  • snoopy369

    Why did they split the game into two separate apps rather than just add two more IAPs to the main one?  I don't really want two apps taking up space...

    • rodgerodger

      Agreed. I'd purchase these as IAP expansions to the version I already bought, but as yet another whole new app I'll be passing on this.

  • anthonyafterwit

    fwiw: this is a much better version of the game - not too much more complex, but adds just enough more depth.