‘Ticket To Ride Pocket’ Now Even Bigger

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Ticket To Ride Pocket [$1.99] has received a little more loving by way of content today. In a fresh update, Days of Wonder has dropped 1910 as an expansion for $.99. 1910 adds three modes, all of which seem to offer unique ways to engage with the classic board game. Classic mode rewards players with the largest number of tickets. Mega mode expands destinations from 35 to 69. And Cities keeps it simple by only offering a few cities to work with.

Days of Wonder is doing a crazy good job with its mobile ports, which is proving to be an awesome thing for the board game’s sales, too. We’d supplement our digital Ticket to Ride addiction with a slice of physical like a lot of other people, too, but we’re not that into cleaning up after ourselves. You don’t even want to know what our tower looks like. Seriously. We’d shock the Hoarders TV crew.

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